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" The (high school) Oakley Invitational Track Meet has been moved from Friday, April 20, to Thursday, April 19, due to predicted weather."

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"Home of the Indians"

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    An inside look on Janeth Elena Perez-Medina

    In a way, as Janeth’s close friend, it seemed easy to write about her, but in other ways it became extremely difficult. For people who aren’t as amiable as Janeth, it’s easier to write about. They tend to have fewer hobbies and smaller friend groups. With Janeth, I could ask numerous people about her at school and all of them could share a joint high school memory with her. Janeth Perez-Medina, SFCHS senior, stayed busy her senior year, by serving as FFA Treasurer. Perez-Medina has a hefty role as senior but somehow doesn’t snub her lower classmen. 

    Sophomore Alondra Gomez proclaimed, “Janeth is like a mom. She’s very caring toward us and helps us to make smart decisions.”

    Truly, Perez-Medina takes the lead in our friendship. As an upperclassman, she definitely seems to propel her younger peers into a better position. Through sometimes awkward, frustrating, or downright melancholy situations, Janeth works positively with those closest to her. 

    “In my opinion, when I think of Janeth, one word comes to mind. Janeth is avuncular. She is witty, and funny, and supportive,” said Steve Jenkins, history teacher.

    In Perez-Medina’s spare time, she likes to attend “bailes,” otherwise known as Mexican dances. Bird City, Idalia, and Yuma host bailes. Janeth enjoys these dances with some of the closest people in her life, but don't get the wrong idea! Perez-Medina is never afraid to talk to new people.

    Janeth indefinitely displays an extrovert’s personality. Friends and family, near and far, can attest that her love for people will absolutely push her further in life than many things ever could. 

    Sophomore Perla Yanez said, “She is always making new friends because she’s extremely social and outgoing.”

    Perez-Medina’s plan for the future includes becoming a children’s service worker. A children’s service worker entails providing protective services on behalf of children and families in instances of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

    “I think Janeth will succeed in any career, but when you get to know Janeth, you understand that this job will fit her perfectly!” said Madison Tice, senior classmate. 

     All in all, Janeth will be paid to do what she already does: help people. Of course in the case of a children’s service worker, the problems might be a bit more extreme compared to St. Francis Community High School’s drama. 

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  • Twelve Journalism Students Headed to State

    Twelve Saint Francis journalism students earned a total of 18 placements awards at regional contest and are going to state competition the first weekend of May in Lawrence at KU's campus. 

    Madison Tice placed second in both news page design and copy editing. 

    Jake Faulkender earned second place in photo illustration and honorable mention in editorial cartoon.

    EmmaLee Archuleta won second place in yearbook theme and graphics.

    Jessica Confer took home first place in yearbook copywriting, and honorable mention in yearbook theme and graphics.

    Joslyn Ketzner received honorable mention in headline writing and design.

    Teagan Landenberger earned third place in editorial writing and honorable mention in infographics.

    Echoe Lennox placed second in sports photography.

    Karly Bandel earned honorable mention in academics photography.

    Cassidy Busse won second place in editorial writing, honorable mention in academics photography, and honorable mention in sports writing.

    Audrey Meyer earned honorable mention in feature writing.

    Taighe Weeter received honorable mention in editorial cartoon.

    Adam Krien placed honorable mention in sports writing.

    Junior Echoe Lennox, editor in chief, said she is looking forward to the trip for state contest. "I really like the quality time with my fellow yearbook members as well as my adviser so I'm pretty excited about going to state, but mostly just for the quality time," Lennox said. 

    Junior EmmaLee Archuleta said she hasn't qualified every year she's been in journalism but is excited she qualified this year. "It's pretty exciting to place at state and this year I'm looking forward to bring another state placement home," Archuleta said. 

    Senior Jake Faulkender has qualified for state every year of his high school career and is excited to qualify again. "It has been fun going the last few years, but I'm glad to be going my senior year -- to leave on a high note." 

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  • Kansas Assessments Begin


    The testing window for the 2018 Kansas Assessments is now open for Kansas schools. All St. Francis students in grades 3-8 as well as grade 10 will be testing in English/Language Arts and Math this year. Science will be testing in grades 5, 8, and 11. History, Government, and Social Science will also be tested this year. It is important your child be in school on these days. Please consider scheduling doctor or other personal appointments around the testing schedule when possible. Proper rest and nutrition can also be beneficial during the testing window.

    Below is the testing schedule for St. Francis Community Schools. Test schedule updated on: April 5, 2018.

    Date Grade/Subject
    Assessment Window Opens
    April 4 11th Social Science
    April 5

    6th ELA

    7th ELA

    8th ELA

    11th Social Science

    April 6

    6th ELA

    7th ELA

    8th ELA

    April 11

    3rd ELA

    5th Math

    April 12

    3rd ELA

    5th Math

    6th Math

    7th Math

    8th Math

    10th Math

    April 13

    6th Math

    7th Math

    8th Math

    10th Math

    April 16 11th Science
    April 17

    4th Math

    5th Science

    11th Science

    April 18

    3rd Math

    4th Math

    10th ELA

    April 19

    3rd Math

    5th Science

    !0th ELA

    April 24 8th Science
    April 25

    4th ELA

    8th Science

    April 26 4th ELA
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  • Tractor Safety Course Offered

    K-State Research and Extension will present a Tractor Safety Training on June 9, 2018. The training will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m. and will be held at the Sherman County 4-H Building in Goodland, Kansas.

    If you are 14 or 15 years old, you must have completed a Tractor Safety Training Course to work for anyone other than your parents or legal guardian. Youth 16 years old and older are welcome to attend the course to improve safety skills.

    Cost of the course in $20 (for class materials). Lunch will be provided.

    Registration and fee are due by June 5th. Checks should be made payable to Sunflower Extension District.  For more information call 785-332-3171.

    Click here for more information.

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