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    Track Athletes Qualify for State

    Due to predicted weather, the 2A Regional Track and Field Meet held in Smith Center was moved from Friday, May 18, to Thursday, May 19. Though the day was a bit breezy, conditions were good as were many of the performances turned in by athletes from the sixteen schools participating in the Regional.

    St. Francis qualified several athletes for state competition by placing in the top four positions in events. St. Francis athletes qualifying for the Kansas State Track and Field Meet are listed below.

    For the Indians:  Wyatt Hackler - 100m dash and 200m dash; Jordan Raby - 400m dash, Tate Busse - 800m and long jump, Jake Faulkender - 3200m run, Tiernan Poling - pole vault, Shadryon Blanka - triple jump, Luin Norris - discus, the 4 X 100 meter relay, and the 4 X 400 meter relay.

    For the Lady Indians:  4 X 800 meter relay

    The mens division was won by Bennington with 93 team points. Smith Center placed second with 82 and St. Francis third with 69. The remainder of the mens teams placed in the following order:  4th - Plainville 56; 5th - Ellis 47; 6th - Republic County 43; 7th - Oakley 40; 8th - Salina-Sacred Heart 39; 9th - Claflin-Central Plains 34; 10th - Trego Community 26; 11th - Ell-Saline 14; 12th - Hill City 9; 13th - Hoxie 4; and 14th - LaCrosse 1. Lincoln and Decatur Community did not score in the meet.

    The womens division was also won by Bennington. The Bennington girls scored 110 team points enroute to the Regional championship. Ellis placed second with 80 points. Plainville earned third with 58. The remainder of the teams placed in the following order:  4th - Smith Center 43; 5th - Trego Community 37; 6th - Lincoln 35; 7th - Oakley 31; 8th - Decatur Community 30.5; 9th - Hoxie 29.5; 10th - Salina-Sacred Heart 28; 11th - Hill City 25; 12th - LaCrosse 24; 13th - Republic County 18; 14th - St. Francis 5, 15th; Claflin-Central Plains 2; and 16th -Ell-Saline 1.

    St. Francis athletes placing in the Regional Meet and their performances are listed below

    Shadryon Blanka:  4th in triple jump (41' 4.5")

    Tate Busse:  1st in 800 meter run (202.46), 4th in long jump (21' 2.5")

    Jake Faulkender:  3rd in 3200 meter run (10:56.35)

    Wyatt Hackler:  3rd in 100 meter dash (12.06), 3rd in 200 meter dash (23.82)

    Luin Norris - 4th in discus (141' 8")

    Tiernan Poling:  2nd (tie) in pole vault (12' 6")

    Jordan Raby:  2nd in 400 meter dash (50.58)

    Dalton Straub - 8th in javelin (137' 7")

    Boys 4 X 100 meter relay:  3rd (44.56) - Adam Krien, Wyatt Hackler, Dalton Straub, and Jordan Raby

    Boys 4 X 400 meter relay - 2nd (3:30.19) - Tate Busse, Brady Dinkel, Wyatt Hackler, and Jordan Raby

    Boys 4 X 800 meter relay - 5th (8:48.65) - K.C.Krien, Tate Busse, Brady Dinkel, and Jake Faulkender

    Jessica Confer:  7th in discus (96' 11"), 8th in shot put (32' 2.5")

    Jylian Laten:  8th in long jump (14' 1.5")

    Taighe Weeter:  8th in 800 meter run (2:40.66)

    Hannah Zimbal 6th in 800 meter run (2:34..89)

    Girls 4 X 100 meter relay - 8th (55.24) - Lindsey Johnson, Madi Tice, Joslyn Ketzner, and Jylian Laten

    Girls 4 X 800 meter relay - 4th (10:45.39) - Hannah Zimbal, Taighe Weeter, Emma Johnson, and Kattie Wurm

    The Kansas State High School Track and Field Meet will be held at Cessna Stadium on the campus of Wichita State University on Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26.

    The schedule for the State Track Meet events involving St. Francis athletes is below.

    Friday 3:00 p.m. - Tiernan Poling - pole vault
    Friday 3:15 p.m. - Wyatt Hackler, Adam Krien, Jordan Raby, and Dalton Straub - Prelims for boys 4 X 100 meter relay
    Friday 3:55 p.m. - Jordan Raby - Prelims for boys 400 meter dash
    Friday 5:35 p.m. - Wyatt Hackler - Prelims for 200 meter dash
    Friday 6:25 p.m. - Tate Busse, Brady Dinkel, Wyatt Hackler, and Jordan Raby - Prelims for boys 4 X 400 meter relay
    Friday 6:30 p.m. - Luin Norris - discus
    Friday 7:20-7:40 p.m. - Jake Faulkender - Finals 3200 meter run

    Saturday 9:00 a.m. - Wyatt Hackler - Prelims for 100 meter dash
    Saturday 9:45 a.m. - Tate Busse - long jump
    Saturday 10:30 a.m. - Hannah Zimbal, Taighe Weeter, Emma Johnson, and Kattie Wurm - 800 meter relay
    Saturday 11:30 a.m. - Shadryon Blanka - triple jump
    Saturday 1:05 p.m - Finals 100 meter dash (must qualify)
    Saturday 3:20 p.m. Finals 4 X 100 meter relay (must qualify)
    Saturday 4:05 p.m. Finals 400 meter dash (must qualify)
    Saturday 5:30 p.m. Tate Busse - Finals 800 meter run
    Saturday 6:10 p.m. Finals 200 meter dash (must qualify)
    Saturday 7:00 p.m. Finals 4 X 400 meter relay (must qualify)

    Click here to view the complete State Track Meet Time Schedule.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • Track Letter Winners Announced

    The letter winners for the 2018 St. Francis High School track season have been announced. The thirty-two letter winners are listed below.

    Boys Grade Girls
    Tate Busse
    Trayton Doyle
    Jake Faulkender
    Wyatt Hackler
    Luin Norris
    Nick Paulsen
    Dalton Straub

    Reagan Beims
    Emileigh Dinkel
    Jylian Laten
    Mallery Mills
    Madison Tice

    Cody Baxter
    Richard Johnson
    Connor Keller
    K.C. Krien
    Tiernan Poling
    Jordan Raby

    Jessica Confer
    Lauren Johnson
    Lindsey Johnson
    Joslyn Ketzner

    Brady Dinkel
    Isaiah Lee
    10 Karly Bandel
    Taighe Weeter
    Hannah Zimbal

    Jesse Baxter
    Shadryon Blanka
    Adam Krien

    9 Emma Johnson
    Kattie Wurm


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    Kindergarten Graduation Held

    Kindergarten Graduation was held on Friday morning, May 11, in the St. Francis Elementary Gymnasium. Twenty-three kindergarten students were promoted during the ceremony. The students presented a short program of music and recitation before the presentation of diplomas.

    The kindergarten students receiving their diplomas were:  Jordanisac Araujo, Axel Arensdorf, Sean Bell, Alisson Bonilla, Olivia Douthit, Carter Downey, Tenlee Havel, Trynden Havel, Hayden Hingst, Danika Hoard, Billeigh Lampe, Taysen Ludowese, Addison McAtee, Aldo Mendosa, Kyran Moberly, Alexander Olivares, Michelle Quezada, Carson Ross, Noelle Straub-Marquez, Anderegg Waite, Wyatt Westfall, Landon Wilson, and Wyatt Zimbelman.

    Lori Beth Rieger is the teacher for the kindergarten class. Mrs. Rieger is assisted by Deanna Kriegh (paraprofessional) and Matthisen Witzel (student aide).

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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    Junior High Students Enjoy Quiz Bowl

    On Friday, May 11, the junior high students competed in a local Quiz Bowl. Students in grades 6 through 8 were divided into teams. The teams competed in several rounds of opening competition. After the preliminary rounds were completed, the elimination rounds were competed until a championship team was determined. Both students and teachers seemed to enjoy the competition. 

    Teams earning the top three places are listed below.

    3rd place:  Alvaro Fernandez, Colton Raile, Mia Morrow, Ian Taylor, and Madison Barnhart

    2nd place:  Connor Wachsmann, Hadleigh Hilt, Kaylee Moberly, Ellee Krien, and Javier Yanez

    1st place:  October Tumbelson, Lyden Lampe, Jesslynn Houtman, Jacki Milliken, and Dawson Rose

    The placing team members each received a medal sponsored by the Goodland Elks Lodge.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • Three-sport Letter Winners Named

    St. Francis High School is proud to recognize the 2017-2018 three-sport letter winners. Sixteen student-athletes, six girls and ten boys, have earned letters in three varsity sports during the 2017-2018 school year. The students achieving three-sport letter winner recognition are listed below.

    Girls Grade Boys
    Emileigh Dinkel 12 Tate Busse
    Trayton Doyle
    Jake Faulkender
    Wyatt Hackler
    Luin Norris
    Dalton Straub
    Lauren Johnson
    Lindsey Johnson
    11 Connor Keller
    Karly Bandel
    Taighe Weeter
    Hannah Zimbal
    10 Brady Dinkel
      9 Shadryon Blanka
    Adam Krien


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    Twenty-three Receive Diplomas

    The 2018 St. Francis High School Commencement Ceremony was held on Sunday, May 13. Twenty-three proud graduates received their diplomas and were awarded scholarships at the commencement exercises. Scholarships awarded totaled more than $220,000. The program began with a slide show prepared by Madison Tice. The graduates entered the gymnasium as the Concert Band, under the direction of Talley Morrow, played the processional. Matthisen Witzel gave the invocation and welcome. Veterans, both past and present, were recognized; and the National Anthem was played.

    Mr. Bill Keller, 1968 SFCHS graduate and CEO of Stanion Electric, gave the alumni message. The seniors presented flowers to their parents while the song "Five More Minutes" by Scotty McCreery was played. Emileigh Dinkel then gave the senior farewell, and Madison Tice the senior talk. The 2018 class was escorted by the Honor Guard consisting of juniors Jessica Confer, Lauren Johnson, Joslyn Ketzner, Teagan Landenberger, Echoe Lennox and Shaylyn Zweygardt.

    Scholarships were presented by Mr. David Morrow, high school principal, and Steve Jenkins, senior class sponsor. Diplomas were presented by David Morrow, Troy Hilt (board member), and Chris Bracelin (board member). The benediction was delivered by Matthisen Witzel.

    Seniors receiving their diplomas included:  Martin Beikman, Reagan Beims *H, Hanna Bracelin *H, Tate Busse *H, Coy De Waal, Emileigh Dinkel, Trayton Doyle, Jake Faulkender, Wyatt Hackler, Tressa LaBarge, Luke Lampe*H *K, Jylian Laten, Mallery Mills, Luin Norris, Nikolai Paulsen, Janeth Perez-Medina, Dennis Potter, Chad Sherman, Dalton Straub, Zoe Sundstrom *H, Madison TIce *H, Blake Utsler, and Matthisen Witzel *H *K.

    *H indicates with honors - top 33% of class
    *K indicates Kansas Scholars Curriculum

    Click the photos for more photos!

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    Indians Win NWKL Championship

    Lady Indians 6th

    On Thursday, May 10, the St. Francis Indians showed their track and field prowess by dominating the Northwest Kansas League Track and Field Meet held in St. Francis. The Indians scored 209 team points to more than double the nearest competitor. The Lady Indians earned 55 team points to place sixth in the womens division.

    St. Francis had several athletes win first place in individual events. In the mens division, Indians winning first place included:  Wyatt Hackler (100 meters), Jordan Raby (200 meters, 400 meters), Tate Busse (800 meters), Cody Baxter (300 meter hurdles), Trayton Doyle (discus), Richard Johnson (pole vault), Dalton Straub (long jump), and Tiernan Poling (triple jump). The mens 4 X 100 relay, 4 X 400 relay, and 4 X 800 relay all won their events.  Hannah Zimbal won the womens 400 meters to earn the only first place finish for the Lady Indians in the meet.

    Click here for complete meet results.

    Mens Division

    St. Francis scored 209 team points to easily out-distance second place finisher Dighton. The Hornets totaled 100 team points. Hoxie placed third with 66 points. The remainder of the NWKL teams finished in the following order:  4th - Greeley County 54, 5th - Wallace County 49, 6th - Decatur Community 36, 7th - Rawlins County 25, and 8th - Quinter 13.

    Indians placing in the Northwest Kansas League Track Meet are listed below.

    Cody Baxter - 1st in 300 meter hurdles (42.88)

    Jesse Baxter - 5th in shot put (36' 8"), 6th in discus (109' 11")

    Shadryon Blanka - 2nd in triple jump (30' 11.5"), 3rd in pole vault (11' 6")

    Tate Busse - 1st in 800 meters (2:03.26)

    Trayton Doyle - 1st in discus (131' 10"), 2nd in shot put (41' 11")

    Jake Faulkender - 2nd in 3200 meters (11:11.55), 3rd in 1600 meters (5:08.95)

    Wyatt Hackler - 1st in 100 meters (11.00), 2nd in long jump (20' 5.75")

    Richard Johnson - 1st in pole vault (12' 6"), 3rd in triple jump (39' 4")

    Conner Keller - 6th in 110 meter hurdles (24.21)

    Adam Krien - 3rd in 200 meters (25.54)

    Isaiah Lee - 4th in long jump (18' 10.75")

    Luin Norris - 2nd in discus (129' 4")

    Nick Paulsen - 6th in javelin (125' 0")

    Tiernan Poling - 1st in triple jump (41' 4.5"), 2nd in pole vault (12' 0'")

    Jordan Raby - 1st in 200 meters (24.44), 1st in 400 meters (52.28), 2nd in 100 meters (11.11)

    Dalton Straub - 1st in long jump (20' 8")

    4 X 100 meter relay - 1st (45.73) - Wyatt Hackler, Adam Krien, Dalton Straub, and Tate Busse

    4 X 400 meter relay - 1st (3:35.57) - Wyatt Hackler, Brady Dinkel, Adam Krien, and Tate Busse

    4 X 800 meter relay - 1st (9:09.20) - K.C. Krien, Brady Dinkel, Jake Faulkender, and Tate Busse

    Womens Division

    Hoxie won the womens divisions scoring 133.5 team points. Rawlins County placed second with 100 points. The rest of the field finished in the following order:  3rd - Decatur Community 75, 4th - Wallace County 71, 5th - Quinter 67.5, 6th - St. Francis 55, 7th - Greeley County 43, and 8th - Dighton 12.

    Lady Indians placing in the NWKL Track Meet are listed below.

    Jessica Confer - 5th in discus (99' 1"), 6th in shot put (30' 6")

    Emma Johnson - 6th in 800 meters (2:56.35)

    Jylian Laten - 4th in long jump (14' 3.25")

    Mallery Mills - 5th in 400 meters (1:10.23)

    Taighe Weeter - 2nd in 800 meters (2:40.75)

    Kattie Wurm - 6th in long jump (13' 11.5")

    Hannah Zimbal - 1st in 400 meters (1:03.21), 2nd in 200 meters (29.14)

    4 X 100 meter relay - 3rd (55.26) - Lindsey Johnson, Madison Tice, Joslyn Ketzner, and Jylian Laten

    4 X 400 meter relay - 4th (4:32.55) - Hannah Zimbal, Madison Tice, Taighe Weeter, and Joslyn Ketzner

    4 X 800 meter relay - 2nd (11:09.76) - Hannah Zimbal, Taighe Weeter, Emma Johnson, and Kattie Wurm

    The track teams will compete in the Regional Track and Field Meet in Smith Center on Friday, May 18.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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