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  • Football Team Moves To 7-0

    The Indians moved their season record to 7-0 on Friday evening defeating the Quinter bulldogs 57-0.  The Indians found little resistance from the visiting opponents and rolled to a 37-0 first quarter lead before ending the game at halftime due to the 45-point rule. With the wide margin, a large number of Indians received extended playing time.

    Quinter kicked-off to open the game. The Bulldogs tried an onside kick, but the Indians recovered at mid-field. On first down, the Indians attempted a deep pass to Taylor Rogers, but the ball fell incomplete. Rogers ran around the right side for 2 yards on second down. On 3rd-&-8, Jordan Raby mishandled a pass near the end zone. The Indians went for it on fourth down, passing to Rogers in the left flat for a 1st down at the Quinter 20. Rogers bolted around the left side for a touchdown on the next play. Quinton Cravens passed to Brock Waters for the conversion points. With 11:25 to play, the Indians led 8-0.

    Brady Dinkel's kick-off was returned to the 20 yard line where Kouper McQuigg made the stop. After a running play for no gain and two short pass plays, the Bulldogs punted. The ball went out-of-bounds at the Quinter 35.

    On first down, Quinton Cravens completed a pass to Tate Busse for a 1st down at the 15-yard line. On the next play, Cravens found Dalton Straub for a 15 yard touchdown pass. Straub kicked the PAT. With 10:04 remaining in the first quarter, the Indians were up 15-0.

    Freshman quarterback Casen Ostmeyer returned the Indians' kick-off to the 23-yard line. The Bulldogs ran left on first down and were stopped for a two-yard loss by Brock Waters. On second down, a deep pass attempt fell incomplete. Though Quinter gained two yards on a run on third down, the 4th-& 10 situation forced another Bulldog punt. The punt snap was mishandled, and the punter fell on the ball even though there may have been time to kick.

    St. Francis took possession on the Quinter 10-yard line. Quarterback Quinton Cravens ran up the middle for another touchdown on the first play from scrimmage. Another Straub PAT placed the Indians at a 22-0 advantage with 8:38 left in the first quarter.

    After the kick-off, the Bulldogs tried running plays on first and second down. Both runs lost one yard. On third-&-long, the Bulldogs gained three yards on a pass in the left flat to Lane Keith. Facing 4th-&-9, the Bulldogs punted again.

    The punt rolled out-of-bounds at the St. Francis 26. Jordan Raby ran around the right side for a 1st down at the Quinter 35 on the first play of the possession. Raby tried the left side on the next play, gaining 6 more. The third play of the possession resulted in a touchdown by Quinton Cravens. Cravens ran 29 yards over the right side. Dalton Straub converted the PAT kick, though the kick was low. St. Francis led 29-0 with 6:17 left in the first period.

    After a return to the 25 yard line, Keith gained one yard on a run to the right. With many Indians seeing playing time, especially on defense, the Bulldogs completed a deep pass to Conner Havlas who was behind the St. Francis defense. Tate Busse made a touchdown-saving tackle, but a holding penalty nullified the play. The Indian defense held strong on the next few plays, and facing 4th-&-19, Quinter punted again.

    The punt was very short and out-of-bounds. St. Francis took possession at the Quinter 30 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage, Taylor Rogers ran over the left side of the line for a 30-yard touchdown. The snap on the PAT was mishandled with Rogers picking the ball up, scrambling, and finding Dalton Straub open as a pass receiver. Straub made a powerful run, charging over two Quinter defenders on his way to the conversion points. The scoreboard showed St. Francis 37, Quinter 0, with 4:04 left in the first quarter.

    Quinter did not field the kick-off, thinking it would go into the end zone. When the ball died near the goal line, the Bulldogs picked up the ball and were tacked at the 3-yard line by Tayton Weeter. Keanu Bussell made a nice tackle on second down after a 2-yard gain by the Bulldogs. Quinter's Luke Kaiser ran for a Bulldog first down at the 13 yard line on the next play. Three running plays later, facing 4th-&-3 deep in their own territory, the Bulldogs punted out-of-bounds again.

    St. Francis again took over with a short field; this time on the Quinter 32. Jordan Raby ran for a first down around the left end to the 15 yard line on the 1st snap. Luke Lampe pounded up the middle on the next play for 9 more. On second and 1, the Indians attempted a field goal, but missed the attempt.

    Quinter took over at the 15 yard line. The first play from scrimmage resulted in a 1st down run to the 26. The next snap was fumbled by the Bulldog quarterback, Ostmeyer, but recovered by Quinter. Three plays later, the Bulldogs punted yet again. 

    St. Francis took over at mid-field. An illegal forward pass penalty, nullified a large gain on first down. After an incomplete pass attempt, Jordan Raby gained 9 over the left side. On 4th-&-1, Quinton Cravens sprinted 30 yards over the right side for another Indian score. Dalton Straub's PAT kick was good and moved the score to 44-0 with 10:02 left in the first half.

    Quinter returned the kick-off to the 18 yard line. On first down, Cravens intercepted the Bulldog's pass attempt and returned it to the 8 yard line. On first and goal at the 8, St. Francis attempted another field goal. The Bulldogs defensive pressure up front coupled with a low kick resulted in a blocked attempt.

    Quinter earned a first down on the second play of their possession at the 29 yard line. Three runs by Luke Kaiser set up a 4th-&-1 situation. A quarterback sneak by Ostmeyer earned another Bulldog first down at mid-field. Tiernan Poling made a nice tackle on Ostmeyer after a 6 yard gain on the next play. On 2nd-&-4, the Bulldogs fumbled the ball. Nick Paulsen recovered for the Indians at the St. Francis 33. 

    On the first play of the possession, Cravens passed to Brock Waters. Waters used his wall of blockers well and scored a touchdown covering 47 yards. Waters kicked the PAT giving the Indians a 51-0 lead with 6:09 remaining before halftime.

    After two running plays netted a total of 5 yards, the Bulldogs went to the air on 3rd down. Ostmeyer completed a pass to Connor Havlas that moved the ball to the St. Francis 21-yard line. A pass interference penalty on the Indians set up first-and-10 at the 8 yard line. On 3rd-&-goal, Taylor Rogers intercepted a Bulldog pass in the end zone and returned it to the 14 yard line. 

    St. Francis fumbled the football on the next play. Oura Chester recovered for Quinter and was tacked by Brady Dinkel preventing a Quinter touchdown.

    Quinter now had first-&-goal at the 5 yard line, with 3:45 left in the half. After an incomplete pass on first down, St. Francis received a personal foul penalty on the sideline. On 3rd-&-goal, Luin Norris tackled Ostmeyer for a loss moving the ball back to the 10 yard line. On fourth-&-goal, Tate Busse intercepted a Bulldog pass and returned it 72 yards for the final St. Francis touchdown. Waters PAT kick was unsuccessful. With 2:13 showing on the clock, St. Francis led 57-0.

    St. Francis was called for illegal helmet contact on the kick-off return. The penalty moved the ball to mid-field. Tackles by Nick Paulsen and two by Tiernan Poling set up 4th down for the Bulldogs. After a holding penalty on the Bulldogs, an incomplete pass turned the ball back to the Indians on downs. St. Francis kneeled to run out the clock. 

    The win moved the Indians record to 7-0. The Indians will play Trego Community in Wakeeney on Thursday, October 27.





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    Saint Francis Junior Varsity Strikes Again, Ends Season 4-0

    SAINT FRANCIS, Kan. - The Saint Francis junior varsity football team defeated Leoti at home, 44-0 Monday night, maintaining the undefeated streak for the year. The Indian’s JV team has only lost one game in two seasons.

    During the first quarter of the game, the Indians struggled with continuous turnovers and other errors.

    “We started off slowly with fumbles and turnovers but midway through the first quarter we cleaned that up,” said Devin Dinkel, Saint Francis junior varsity defensive coach.

    There was no doubt that the fans were aware of the slight errors in the game, but Perla Yanez, Saint Francis freshman, said the game was fun to watch. “I enjoy going to football games when our guys are playing, they work really hard,” she said.

    As Yanez stated, the boys work really hard and Connor Keller, Saint Francis sophomore, said Rodney Yates, Saint Francis head varsity football coach, motivates the players through tough practices by telling them to “Embrace the suck.” “The practice is hard but it really teaches you how to work hard and it teaches you a lot about life,” Keller said.

    Another person who spoke of the work ethic developing in the team is Steve Kirkham, assistant junior high and varsity football coach. He said with a little hard work, the guys were able to complete the undefeated record of 4-0. He said this record definitely helps maintain the winning attitude.

    This is true for football player Brady Dinkel, Saint Francis freshman, who plays to win. Dinkel said his favorite part of the game was the last drive. “We like to make ‘em feel us and we like to hit hard!” he said.

    Which is very similar to what Saint Francis Freshman Aaron White said. White said his common thought while playing was “chasing gold.” “That’s the goal because we want to win the state championship,” said White.

    Seth Hilt, Saint Francis freshman, said his favorite part of the game was defense in the third quarter, “because I got to play.” Hilt said he looks forward to being like Jeremiah Neitzel and Ryan Grover, Saint Francis seniors. He said both teammates are good players and nice guys. Hilt said these are the two best qualities a guy can have.

    Congratulations to the junior varsity team for an undefeated season. The Saint Francis junior varsity undefeated team includes: freshmen Brady Dinkel, Jaron Berig, Aaron White, Seth Hilt; sophomores K.C. Krien, Connor Keller, Tiernan Poling, Tayton Weeter, Cody Baxter, Draven Houtman, Hunter Helton, Kouper McQuigg; juniors Jake Faulkender, Blake Utsler, and Nick Paulsen; and senior Keanu Bussell. Congratulations also to the junior varsity football coaches Nick O’Loughlin and Devin Dinkel.

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    An Insider’s Look at Coach ‘O’: Coaching Three Undefeated Teams Simultaneously

    Nicholas O’Loughlin, better known as “Coach O,” is a man who wears many proverbial “hats” at Saint Francis Community High School. O’Loughlin serves as the head coach for junior high football, junior varsity football, junior high basketball, track, and the assistant varsity football coach.

    Currently, O’Loughlin is coaching three teams simultaneously that are all undefeated. Saint Francis is the only 8-man football team in the state that is still undefeated across all three levels: junior high, junior varsity and varsity football.  

    Steve Kirkham, who has an almost 40-year coaching and athletic administration career, retired in May from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and moved to Saint Francis. Kirkham arguably couldn’t stay away from the game so in his “retirement” he serves as St. Francis’ assistant football coach for junior high and varsity. Kirkham said Saint Francis is undefeated across all three levels because of speed. “Our speed is what defines our team,” Kirkham said. “We just out run teams and that is what makes us so deadly. Teams are just unable to keep up with us.”

    “Coach O’Loughlin is a very skilled coach who understands the game of football and how it should be played,” Kirkham said. “He studies the game and film every day trying to prepare for the next team. He is a very good coach to have on the sideline,” said Kirkham.

    O’Loughlin said he became a coach because his mom was a P.E. teacher and he grew up playing sports. “I have known since I was in high school what I wanted to do because I had a great coach that made me want to do it,” he said.

    O’Loughlin said his life is busy with watching film seven days a week, studying, practicing and working with his players and other coaches. “I learn by studying a lot and learning from other great coaches,” said O’Loughlin. “I have to have a set schedule and work around everything else; it’s busy.”

    Shadryon Blanka, Saint Francis junior high quarterback, said “Coach O’Loughlin is really fun to play under especially when he gives us a trick play to run and we score.”

    Many of the senior football players were on the first team O’Loughlin coached at Saint Francis when the junior high Indians went undefeated four years ago. “Coach O’Loughlin is very comfortable to be coached under because I have been around him for four years,” said Taylor Rogers, Saint Francis senior. “He brings a lot of passion and excitement to practice and games, he is very passionate about what he does,” said Rogers.

    O’Loughlin said his teams have felt like family because he has been able to watch them grow and get better and develop over the four years of coaching them.

    Rodney Yates, St. Francis athletic director and head varsity football coach, said he enjoys working with O’Loughlin. “He brings a lot of passion, energy, and loves what he does,” said Yates. “He has grown as a professional and taken much more responsibility. He is preparing to be a head [varsity football] coach someday.” said Yates.

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  • SFCHS FFA Travels to Bird City CDE's

    On Wednesday, October 12th, six teams traveled to Bird City to compete in three different Career Development Events (CDE’s). CDE’s are designed to help students investigate and develop skills associated with agriculture careers. The Greenhand teams were made up of freshman students while the Senior teams were comprised of upper classmen.

    Milk Quality and Products CDE requires students to identify defects in milk, fat content, cheese flavors and characteristics, take a written test, and perform a California Mastitis Test. The Greenhand team, which placed 7th, consisted of Perla Yañez, Christina Stafford, Marlo Jensen, and Aaron White. The Senior team was made up of Draven Houtman (placing 22nd), Mason Schmid, Janeth Perez-Medina, Makayla Rogers, and Kouper McQuigg. The team placed 6th overall.

    The Food Science CDE tests students’ knowledge of food and food safety procedures. In this CDE, students take a written test, identify aromas, study pictures for safety violations, and complete triangle tests on products. The Greenhand team made up of Sierra Robbins, Taighe Weeter, Cassidy Busse, and Marlo Jensen placed 11th. Robbins led the team with a 17th place finish out of 81. Nicole Bonsignore placed 14th in the Senior division out of 112. The team consisting of Bonsignore, Coy DeWaal, Echoe Lennox, Luana Avaia, and Wyatt Hilt placed 11th overall.

    This year, McCarty Family Farms provided the cattle for the Dairy Evaluation CDE. Participants had to place four classes of cows and two classes of heifers before presenting two sets of oral reasons. The Greenhand team brought home a 2nd place trophy out of 14 teams. Karly Bandel placed 5th and Audrey Meyer placed 10th; both receiving medals out of 92 contestants. The Greenhand team score was aided by a 14th place finish by Brady Dinkel and a 22nd place finish by Cameron Sulewski;. Other team members were Marlo Jensen and Isaiah Lee. The Senior team placed 9th and was made up of Matthisen Witzel, Echoe Lennox, Janeth Perez-Medina, Jake Faulkender, Makayla Rogers, and Mason Schmid.

    Thank you McCarty Family Farms for providing the dairy cattle and to the advisers and FFA members for hosting the CDE’s. For complete results visit www.judgingcard.com and scroll to find October 12  “Kansas NW District Dairy Judging/Food Science Milk Quality Contests”. St.Francis FFA members will be taking a break before preparing for the next round of CDE’s.

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    JH Girls Compete In NWKL Tourney

    The Northwest Kansas League Junior High Volleyball Tournament was held at two sites on Tuesday, October 18. The A-Team Tournament was held in Sharon Springs and the B-Team Tournament was held in Hoxie.


    The Lady Indian B-Team girls lost all three matches of pool play at Hoxie. The B-Team girls lost their first game of pool play to Hoxie 6-25, 20-25. In their second match, the Lady Indians lost to Dighton 17-25, 14-25. Wallace County was the opponent in the final pool play match. The Lady Indians lost to the Lady Wildcats by scores of 10-25, 16-25. With three pool play losses, the Lady Indians did not advance to bracket play in the B-Team tournament.


    The Lady Indian A-Team competed well throughout the day earning two wins in pool play and advancing to the championship bracket competition. In their first match of the tournament, the Lady Indians defeated Dighton 25-21, 25.15. Their second opponent was Wallace County. The Lady Indians defeated the Lady Wildcats 25-17. 25-10. In their final match of pool play, St. Francis matched up against #1 seeded Hoxie. The Lady Indians lost to Hoxie 23-25, 12-25. The 2-1 pool play record advanced the Lady Indians into championship bracket play where they met Rawlins County. The Lady Buffs eaked out a close win over the Lady Indians, 23-25, 20-25 and the Lady Indians were eliminated.


    Dighton jumped out to a 1-6 lead in game one before a kill by Talexa Weeter and two aces by Mia Morrow narrowed the gap to 4-6. A few strong serves, including an ace, by Dighton's McKenzie Whipple, began to stretch the deficit again. Soon the score stood at 8-17 in favor of the Lady Hornets. A ace by Ellee Krien, a kill by Emma Johnson, and two aces by Morrow helped trim the deficit to 16-19 before Dighton called a time-out. Three volleys later, a kill by Weeter tied the match at 19-all. The Lady Indians had fought back from being nine points down. St. Francis took a 21-20 lead on a missed serve by the Lady Hornets. A back-row kill by Hadleigh Hilt moved the scoreboard to 22-21. Two Dighton miscues were followed by a Johnson kill to seal the 25-21 win.

    The Lady Indians confidence continued to increase, and as it did, their execution also improved. St. Francis earned an 11-0 lead in set two capitalizing on consistent serving by Emma Johnson (2 aces) and kills by Talexa Weeter (2), and Jordyn Faulkender. Leading 12-2, St. Francis missed a serve, and Dighton reeled off six consecutive points behind Whipple's aggressive serving. The Lady Indians were about to make another run. Behind steady serving by Kattie Wurm, St. Francis earned five kills by Johnson, one by Mia Morrow, and scored on two passing errors on attacks by Morrow and Hadleigh Hilt to widen the advantage to 22-10. St. Francis won set two 25-15.

    Wallace County

    The first set against Wallace County was very close. With both teams earning leads, the point spread was never more than two until late in the set. St. Francis trailed until an ace by Elle Krien tied the match at 6-all. The Lady Indians fell behind again until a WC missed serve tied the match at 8-all. A kill by Talexa Weeter and a deep-tip by Emma Johnson gave St. Francis a narrow 10-9 lead. The Lady Wildcats earned a 12-13 advantage before a kill by Kattie Wurm again tied the set at 13. St. Francis then went on a 10-point run, following consistent serves by Wurm. The Lady Indians only earned one kill during the run (Johnson), but scrambling defense and efficient play by the Lady Indians eventually led to several WC mistakes. The Lady Indian run ended with a net violation after the margin grew to 23-14. St. Francis won set one 25-17. 

    The Lady Wildcats were never really in the second set. After WC's Tori Springsteel earn two aces during her first three serves, the Lady Indians exploded to a 23-4 advantage. Emma Johnson served 13 consecutive points (three aces) before WC kill (off-the-net) stopped the run. During the run, Ellee Krien, Kattie Wurm, and Johnson (two) earned kills. The next Lady Indian run of ten points was fueled by strong serves by Mia Morrow and included kills by Johnson (two) and Jordyn Faulkender and was highlighted by three Morrow aces. Wallace County put together a five-point run just before the set closed at 25-10. 


    St. Francis earned a 3-0 lead in game one scoring on two Hoxie miscues and an ace by Emma Johnson. Hoxie then reeled off runs of 6 and 4 points to lead 5-11. The Lady Indians closed to 7-11 on a kill by Talexa Weeter, and then moved within 3 on a Hoxie error. A four-point Lady Indian run including a deep-tip by Johnson, an over-pass kill by Jordyn Faulkender, and an ace by Mia Morrow, moved St. Francis with in one 16-17. Another four-point run, served by Faulkender, gave the Lady Indians a 20-18 lead. Hoxie responded with kills by Lauren Spellman and Paiton Rogers to tie the set. Two more Hoxie kills and an ace by Rogers placed Hoxie at a 21-23 advantage. Hoxie won game one 23-25.

    The Lady Indians played tough against Hoxie in set one, but had difficulty closing out vplleys in set two. The Lady Indians gave up four aces to fall behind 1-6. The Lady Indians closed within two (4-6) but then the Hoxie girls earned two runs of 5 points each to lead 5-16 before a kill by Emma Johnson stopped the second run. The first Hoxie run included four aces by Lauren Spillman. Hoxie followed with two kills by Baylee McKenna and finalized the game at 12-25.

    Rawlins County

    St. Francis jumped out to a 6-0 lead in set one getting two aces by Emma Johnson and a kill by Talxea Weeter enroute. Several attack errors by the Lady Indians soon tied the contest at 8-8. St. Francis again took a small advantage (13-9) after two over-pass kills by Johnson. A dig and kill by Weeter moved the score to 14-11 before the Lady Buffaloes scored five unanswered points to lead 15-16. A spike by Jordyn Faulkender tied the set at 17-all. A kill (off-the-net) and an ace by Sadie Sramek placed Rawlins County ahead 18-20. St. Francis responded with a deep-tip kill by Johnson and an ace by Weeter. A passing error on Weeter's next serve gave St. Francis a slim 21-20 lead. RC earned a kill on the next volley, and a Lady Indian communication error placed the Lady Buffs back in front 22-21. St. Francis never regained the lead, and lost game one 23-25.

    Set two as nearly as close. Kattie Wurm earned a free-ball kill to open the set, but RC scored the next five points. A five-point St. Francis run triggered by two aces by Mia Morrow and a kill by Emma Johnson place the Lady Indian up 6-5.  The margin would not be more than one point until a three-point RC run ending with an ace by Emmersyn Higley placed the Lady Indians at a 12-14 disadvantage. After a SF missed serve, RC scored six more to lead 13-20. Two kills by Talexa Weeter, one by Wurm, and an ace by Mia Morrow trimmed the deficit to 17-21, but the Lady Indians could get no closer. Though Wurm recorded two more kills late in the contest, the Lady Indians lost to the Lady Buffs, 20-25.

    The volleyball season is now complete for the Lady Indians. Basketball is just around the corner.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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    Coach Z: Teaching Toughness with Kindness to 5 Teams at SFCHS

    The sound of harmony for ShayLinn Zweygardt, also known as Coach “Z,” is the thumping of dribbling basketballs or the click-clacking sounds you can hear as you run. When asked what her favorite sport was, Zweygardt thought for a while and then decided she doesn't even have one. “That's why I coach five different things,” Zweygardt said.

    Zweygardt holds many titles at Saint Francis Community High School including: head junior high volleyball coach, assistant high school volleyball coach, head high school girls basketball coach, assistant junior high girls basketball coach, and assistant high school track coach.

    She said she loves moving and keeping active. She also loves connecting through sports with people. Zweygardt said she enjoys going on runs with friends and she said her “job” as a coach doesn't feel like a job. “I don't feel like I should be getting paid. To me, it's practically an awesome hobby,” Zweygardt said.

    “I believe this is why so many student-athletes love Coach Z. She makes the game exciting and really enjoyable to play. There is rarely a dull moment,” said Alondra Gomez, Saint Francis freshman. Gomez said Zweygardt really truly brings the best out in any part of the team. I believe this is so true as well.

    My eighth grade year, my entire reason for partaking in volleyball was to be with my friends. I didn’t really know much about volleyball so I was still just sticking my toes in the water. Then Coach Zweygardt came to SFCHS and really helped me grasp onto the sport. And to be honest, at first, I hated it. Running strained me because I’m definitely not very athletic, but I stuck with it. Now that I think back, I’m so glad I stayed in volleyball. I am so glad that Coach “Z” pushed me. The fact that I know now that I can run those 10 down and backs in 70 seconds makes me so proud of myself. The way she cheered me on throughout these two years has made a world of difference. I’m not sure if I could’ve made it this far, in fact actually I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without her support. Thank you.

    David Morrow, Saint Francis Community High School principal, said he asked Zweygardt to interview for the high school girls basketball coaching position. “Shay came from arguably one of the best basketball programs in the midwest (Hoxie under coach Shelly Hoyt), it seemed wise to ask her to coach basketball,” said Morrow. “In both volleyball and basketball, she was a true competitor in every sense of the word.” Other good qualities that Morrow said he loved about her was her “warrior spirit, her leadership, and her overall demeanor.”  Morrow also said Zweygardt is a “blessing” to many of the student athletes. He said whenever she teaches toughness, she always does it with kindness. Kindness is truly one of the best things a person can have, and Coach “Z” definitely has it.

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