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"Home of the Indians"

  • Wrestlers 5th in Ulysses Invitational

    After having the St. Francis Invitational canceled due to winter weather in the tri-state area a week before, the St. Francis Indians finally received an opportunity to compete on December 7 and 8 at the Ron Smith Invitational Wrestling Tournament in Ulysses. The Indians performed well earning 5th place in the fourteen-team tournament. The Indians also had five wrestlers place in the top four positions in their respective weight classes.

    Scott Community High School won the tournament scoring 235.5 team points. Ulysses was not far behind with 214. Leoti-Wichita County finished a distant third at 124. The other competing teams finished in the following order:  4th - Lakin 116, 5th - St. Francis 100, 6th - Boys Ranch 94, 7th - Hugoton 93, 8th - Holcomb 67.5, 9th - Garden City 64, 10th - Dodge City 42.5, 11th - Tribune-Greeley County 42, 12th - Brewster 32, 13th - Baca CO 18, and 14th - Liberal 17.

    Placing in the tournament were:  Garin Cooper - 2nd at 120 pounds; Tiernan Poling - 2nd at 132 pounds;  Kobe Tice - 4th at 138 pounds; Shadryon Blanka - 4th at 182 pounds; and Seth Hilt - 4th at 220 pounds.

    Individual results for the St. Francis wrestlers are listed below.


    Perla Yanez (0-2)

    • Champ. Round 1 - Perla Yanez received a bye
    • Quarterfinal - Quentin Pauda (Ulysses) 7-1 won by fall over Perla Yanez (Fall 4:53)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Perla Yanez 0-2 received a bye
    • Cons. Round 3 - Brody Soukup (Holcomb) 2-2 won by fall over Perla Yanez (Fall 2:18)


    Garin Cooper (3-1) placed 2nd and scored 18.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Garin Cooper received a bye
    • Quarterfinal - Garin Cooper won by decision over Jonathan Lara (Ulysses) 9-2 (Dec 7-1)
    • Semifinal - Garin Cooper won by decision over Ismael Ramirez (Dodge City) 6-2 (Dec 4-3)
    • 1st Place Match - Brandon Roberts (Scott Community) 6-1 won by decision over Garin Cooper (Dec 7-3)


    Aaron White (0-2)

    • Champ. Round 1 - Sebastian Rodriguez (Garden City) 3-1 won by fall over Aaron White (Fall 1:11)
    • Cons. Round 1 - Ben Dunlap (Garden City) 1-2 won by fall over Aaron White (Fall 5:40)


    Eli Mills (0-2)

    • Champ. Round 1 - JD Nelson (Boys Ranch) 6-6 won by fall over Eli Mills (Fall 1:59)
    • Cons. Round 1 - Curtis Beam (Lakin) 3-5 won by fall over Eli Mills (Fall 0:30)


    Tiernan Poling (3-1) placed 2nd and scored 21.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Tiernan Poling received a bye () (Bye)
    • Quarterfinal - Tiernan Poling won by major decision over Julian Martinez (Garden City) 4-2 (MD 11-2)
    • Semifinal - Tiernan Poling won by fall over JACOB MILLER (Tribune-Greeley County) 5-3 (Fall 0:27)
    • 1st Place Match - Justus McDaniel (Scott Community) 4-0 won by major decision over Tiernan Poling (MD 15-6)


    Kobe Tice (4-2) placed 4th and scored 15.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Kobe Tice won by fall over Jaime Lira-Hernandez (Garden City) 0-2 (Fall 5:45)
    • Quarterfinal - Kaden Wren (Scott Community) 7-0 won by fall over Kobe Tice (Fall 1:07)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Kobe Tice won by fall over Stefanney Villa (Hugoton) 0-2 (Fall 0:29)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Kobe Tice by fall over Jaxson Kough (Scott Community) 2-2 (Fall 0:24)
    • Cons. Semi - Kobe Tice won by decision over Ethan Stephens (Boys Ranch) 9-3 (Dec 6-1)
    • 3rd Place Match - Kade Lovelady (Lakin) 6-3 won by major decision over Kobe Tice (MD 9-1)


    Arthur Albuquerque (2-2)

    • Champ. Round 1 - Michael Lehman (Tribune-Greeley County) 2-6 won by fall over Arthur Albuquerque (Fall 0:58)
    • Cons. Round 1 - Arthur Albuquerque received a bye () (Bye)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Arthur Albuquerque won by forfeit over Pol Roca (Ulysses) 1-4 (For.)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Colten Palmer (Brewster) 4-2 won by fall over Arthur Albuquerque (Fall 2:29)


    Jayce Nidder (3-2) scored 10.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Jayce Nidder won by fall over Julian Garcia (Liberal) 0-2 (Fall 0:52)
    • Quarterfinal - Joaquin Castillo (Leoti-Wichita County) 3-1 won by fall over Jayce Nidder (Fall 0:36)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Jayce Nidder won by fall over Chan Lee (Garden City) 0-2 (Fall 2:16)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Jayce Nidder won by fall over Michael Lehman (Tribune-Greeley County) 2-6 (Fall 0:43)
    • Cons. Semi - Elijah Blu Ruiz Hernandez (Garden City) 4-1 won by fall over Jayce Nidder (Fall 1:35)


    Tyson Poling (2-2) scored 7.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Tyson Poling won by fall over Kael Sowers (Scott Community) 0-2 (Fall 1:53)
    • Quarterfinal - Noah Kliesen (Scott Community) 5-3 won by fall over Tyson Poling (Fall 1:58)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Tyson Poling won by fall over Dylan Jones (Boys Ranch) 0-2 (Fall 1:28)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Sam Irwin (Scott Community) 3-2 won by major decision over Tyson Poling (MD 11-0)


    Shadyron Blanka (4-2) placed 4th and scored 14.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Shadyron Blanka won by fall over Jose Padilla (Lakin) 1-2 (Fall 0:39)
    • Quarterfinal - Tanner Johnson (Holcomb) 7-0 won by tech fall over Shadyron Blanka (TF-1.5 0:00 (15-0))
    • Cons. Round 2 - Shadyron Blanka won by fall over Yoni Castillo (Leoti-Wichita County) 1-2 (Fall 0:29)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Shadyron Blanka won by major decision over Alex Corpus (Ulysses) 4-4 (MD 9-0)
    • Cons. Semi - Shadyron Blanka won by decision over Jaime Ibarra (Garden City) 7-4 (Dec 4-1)
    • 3rd Place Match - Tristen Vega (Boys Ranch) 11-2 won by decision over Shadyron Blanka (Dec 5-2)


    Gregor Burr (0-2)

    • Quarterfinal - Emmanuel Frances (Scott Community) 1-4 won by fall over Gregor Burr (Fall 5:21)
    • Cons. Round 1 - Gregor Burr (St. Francis) 0-2 received a bye
    • Cons. Semi - Adolfo Mendoza (Ulysses) 2-2 won by fall over Gregor Burr (Fall 0:50)


    Seth Hilt (4-2) placed 4th and scored 15.0 team points.

    • Champ. Round 1 - Seth Hilt won by fall over Cutter Hawks (Hugoton) 2-2 (Fall 1:25)
    • Quarterfinal - Kyle Sherwood (Scott Community) 7-1 won by fall over Seth Hilt (Fall 2:48)
    • Cons. Round 2 - Seth Hilt won by fall over Kord Adams (Lakin) 0-2 (Fall 1:31)
    • Cons. Round 3 - Seth Hilt won by decision over Taylor Heili (Scott Community) 2-2 (Dec 6-3)
    • Cons. Semi - Seth Hilt won by fall over Brandon Heinrichs (Ulysses) 2-2 (Fall 2:15)
    • 3rd Place Match - Ricardo Levario (Ulysses) 6-3 won by fall over Seth Hilt (Fall 2:51)

    The wrestling team will compete in the Wray Invitational Tournament on Saturday, December 15, in Wray, Colorado.

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  • Feature image-1

    Girls Advance To Championship Game

    On Friday, December 7, the Lady Indians faced the Wallace County Lady Wildcats in the championship semi-final contest of the Sagebrush Shootout Basketball Tournament in Brewster. Though the game was marred by numerous turnovers by both teams early; the teams competed hard, and as play improved, the game became very competitive. St. Francis earned a 49-41 victory and advanced to the championship game of the Sagebrush Shootout against Golden Plains. Golden Plains defeated Cheylin 48-40 in semi-final action to advance.

    Before the game, Emma Johnson and Lakin Perry had a shoot-off to see who would advance to the finals of the free-throw contest. Both Lakin and Emma each made 20 of 25 in the preliminaries. Jessie Frisbie of Cheylin made 21 to qualify. On Friday, Emma and Lakin again tied; each making 18 of 25. In the second round of the tie-breaker, Emma made 6 while Lakin made 9 to advance.

    Wallace County scored the first two baskets of the game to lead 0-5. The Lady Wildcats opened with a right-wing trey by Leah Ayres (5' 7" Jr.) and then earned a steal-two by Jessie Carmen (5' 6" So.). St. Francis answered with a right-wing trey by Karly Bandel on an assist by Lindsey Johnson. The game action was ragged due to many turnovers by both teams, but the effort was excellent. St. Francis would total 11 turnovers in the first period while Wallace County (WC) would record 10. After a free-throw jumper by Lakin Perry (5' 6" Jr.), the Lady Indians used their first time-out at 3:43. After returning to action, the Lady Indians received a right-wing trey by Lindsey Johnson (assist Lauren Johnson) and then took the lead at 2:26 on two free-throws by Lindsey (8-7). After the addition of consecutive free-throws by Bandel, Wallace County called time-out at 1:43 to slow the momentum. WC's Haylee Hennick (5' 11" Jr.) followed with a free-throw, and then the Lady Indians used their second time-out of the period at 1:21. After the time-out, the Lady Indians added 7 more points before the quarter ended. Alondra Gomez drained consecutive free-throws and then scored on a drive. The final basket came on a left-wing trey by Emma Johnson (assist Bandel). St. Francis led 17-8 after one quarter of play.

    Emma Johnson added a stick-back basket to open the second period. Lakin Perry answered with a top-of-the-key trey. The Lady Indians earned a double-digit advantage (21-11) on a drive by Karly Bandel. The teams continued to exchange scores as Perry added two free-throws and then Emma Johnson scored on a cut to the hoop on an assist from Bandel. WC's Tori Springsteel (5' 7" So.) then added an out-of-bounds play bucket preceding an Emma Johnson free-throw. Hennick's offensive rebound basket was answered by a trey by Emma Johnson. Bandel increased the margin to 11 sinking one-of-two from the stripe. The final bucket of the first half came on a runner by Perry in the closing moments. St. Francis led by the same 9-point margin as they did at the first quarter break, 28-19.

    The teams battled evenly throughout the second half. This half was also marred by too many turnovers (St. Francis having 14 and WC having 10). Aubrey Kuhlman (5' 9" Jr.) earned an offensive rebound basket to trim the margin to seven. The Lady Indians then earned an 11-point run. Lindsey Johnson answered with a well-executed pick-&-roll play with her sister Lauren. A steal and assist by Alondra Gomez led to a lay-up by Karly Bandel. Bandel then added a left-wing trey after an assist from Lindsey Johnson. Wallace County had seen enough and called time-out trailing 37-24. On the ensuing WC possession, Hannah Zimbal drew a charge on a driving WC player adding to the Lady Indians' momentum. A Bandel assist led to a baseline driving score by Lauren Johnson. The Lady Indians now led 39-21. After a WC free-throw, the Lady Indians spent another time-out. WC would score the final two baskets of the quarter. St. Francis led 39-27 entering the final period.

    The Lady Wildcats trimmed the deficit to 5 twice in the final period with excellent hustle but could not regain the lead. Lakin Perry drained back-to-back treys to open the final period. Moments later, Perry fouled out of the contest. She was soon followed to the bench by Lady Indian Hannah Zimbal with five fouls at 5:33. A WC free-throw narrowed the advantage to five (39-34), but the Lady Indians soon earned a right-baseline jumper from Karly Bandel on an assist from Lauren Johnson. Emma Johnson's break basket and Lauren Johnson's free throw increased the margin back to ten (44-34). Springsteel's left-wing jumper was followed by a St. Francis time-out at 3:27. After a free-throw by Jordyn Faulkender, WC added two buckets; one by Aubrey Kuhlman from the left baseline and one by Hennick on an offensive rebound. The stick-back basket again reduced the lead to five (45-40). No additional baskets were scored in the contest. Hennick added one free-throw for the Lady Cats. St. Francis added free-throws by Emma Johnson, Alondra Gomez, and Bandel to seal a 49-41 win.

    St. Francis was led in scoring by Karly Bandel with 16 and Emma Johnson with 15. Others scoring for St. Francis were Lindsey Johnson 7, Lauren Johnson 5, Alondra Gomez 5, and Jordyn Faulkender 1. The Lady Indians made 14 of 24 from the line. St. Francis committed 26 turnovers and 20 fouls.

    Wallace County was led in scoring by Lakin Perry with 12.  Aubrey Kuhlman added 9, and Haylee Hennick 6. The Lady Wildcats committed 23 fouls, 27 turnovers, and made 5 of 15 from the stripe.

    St. Francis will now play Golden Plains for the championship of the Sagebrush Shootout on Saturday, December 8, at 5:30 p.m.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • Junior High Boys BB Tournament Seeding Completed

    On Friday, December 7, the seeding for the Northwest Kansas League Junior High Boys Basketball Tournament was completed. The NWKL teams were placed on the bracket by season record. The NWKL Tournament will be held in Oberlin on Thursday, December 13 and Saturday, December 15.

    The A-team boys were seeded 5th and will play Dighton at 1:00 p.m. Thursday in the Senior High Gym at Decatur Community High School in Oberlin. Click this link to view the A-team bracket.

    The B-team boys were seeded 7th and will play Atwood 1 at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday in the Jr. High Gym at Decatur Community High School. Click this link to view the B-team bracket.

    If either team loses on Thursday, their season will conclude. With a win on Thursday, teams will advance to competition on Saturday and will play two more games.

    Good luck, Indians!

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  • Feature image-3

    Jr. High Girls Play Greeley Co.

    The junior high girls basketball teams recorded two wins over the Greeley County Lady Jackrabbits in St. Francis on Thursday, December 6. The A-team girls smacked the visiting Rabbits 41-9. The B-Team Lady Indians handed Greeley County (GC) a 29-25 loss.

    In A-team action, St. Francis jumped out to a 23-0 lead and cruised through the second half to win easily over the visiting Lady Jackrabbits. The Lady Indians' defensive pressure caused the Lady Rabbits difficulties, and the Lady Rabbits recorded many more turnovers than shot attempts in the first half. Rian Zimbal's post basket opened the scoring. It was followed by two free-throws by Ellee Krien and an early GC time-out at 5:05 to prevent another turnover against the pressing defense of the Lady Indians. Krien's steal-two was followed by another Krien steal and assist leading to a basket by Molly Gilliland. Rian Zimbal's stick-back bucket moved the score to 10-0. Krien's next steal-two preceded the second Lady Jackrabbit crossing of mid-court at 3:01. Two assists by Krien, both leading to baskets by Zimbal, plus a Zimbal charity toss completed the first period scoring. St. Francis led 17-0.

    The Lady Indians reduced their defensive pressure somewhat in the second period allowing the Lady Jackrabbits to run a bit of offense. The advantage continued to grow with the addition of three Lady Indian scores. Molly Gilliland's high-low post assist to Rian Zimbal accounted for the first score. Zimbal also scored the second basket on an assist from Ellee Krien. Makaila Matthies nailed a left-wing shot to increase the margin to 23-0. Though the Lady Indians did not shoot well during the period, the margin continued to increase. Greeley County's Jadyn Mangan (6th) scored the Lady Rabbits' first points with 10 seconds left in the first half. St. Francis led at halftime 23-2.

    The Lady Indians played 8 of the 9 players suited in the third period and all 9 in the final period. The Lady Indians continued to roll. After a free-throw by Rian Zimbal, Ellee Krien added a stick-back basket and a top-of-the-key trey. Leading 29-2, the Lady Indians took a time-out at 3:52. After St. Francis scored on a well-executed out-of-bounds play, Iliany Yanez scored from the left baseline for Greeley County. A nice assist by Karlyn Woelk (7th) to Mangan resulted in consecutive GC baskets narrowing the margin to 31-6. Jesslynn Houtman soon answered with a lay-up for the Lady Indians. After a GC time-out at 1:52, Zimbal made a nice assist leading to a basket on a cut to the goal by Krien. GC added a free-throw, and St. Francis earned one more basket in the period on an assist by Bree De Waal to Zimbal in the post. The Lady Indians led 37-7 after three quarters of play.

    Only three baskets were scored in the final quarter; two by Rian Zimbal, one on an assist from Molly Gilliland and one on a break. the third basket was scored by Yanez for GC. St. Francis cruised to a 41-9 win.

    St. Francis was led in scoring by Rian Zimbal with 20 and Ellee Krien with 15. Makaila Matthies, Molly Gilliland, and Jesslynn Houtman each added 2. The Lady Indians made 4 of 13 from the stripe and committed 6 fouls.

    Greeley County was led in scoring by Iliany Yanez and Annabelle Schnieder; each with 4. The Lady Rabbits made 1 of 4 from the line and were whistled for 11 fouls.

    In B-team action, St. Francis jumped out to an early lead and though they were out-scored in both of the final two quarters, held on to win 29-25. The Lady Indians earned 6 points by Makaila Matthies and 4 by Matilynn Smull in the first period to lead 10-2. Baskets by Smull, Maggie Hingst, and a free-throw by Jacki Milliken in the second period increased the lead slightly to 15-6 at halftime.

    Karlyn Woelk (8th) scored 9 points in the second half for the Lady Jackrabbits; 6 in the third period. St. Francis held a 20-14 lead at the third quarter break and won the contest 29-25. The Lady Indians made five free-throws in the final period to preserve the win.

    Scoring for St. Francis in the B-team contest were Makaila Matthies 12, Matilynn Smull 8, Maggie Hingst 4, Jacki Milliken 2, Kinley Havel 2, and Michelle Palasio 1. GC was led by Karlyn Woelk with 9 and Gabriele Mason (7th) with 6.

    The Lady Indians will play Goodland in St. Francis on Tuesday, December 11.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • Feature image-4

    Jackrabbits Run Off With Two Wins

    On Thursday, December 6, the Greeley County Jackrabbits defeated St. Francis in junior high boys basketball. The Indians lost the A-team game in a close contest 32-36. In the B-team game, St. Francis had difficulty scoring in three of the four quarters and were defeated 10-22.

    The B-team contest was played first at the St. Francis Grade School. The Jackrabbits earned a 0-5 lead in the first period getting a trey from Lincoln Shafer (6th) and a bucket from Kasen Felty (7th). The Indians scored one free-throw in the second stanza (Connor Wachsman) while the Rabbits added three more to their side of the scoreboard. St. Francis trailed 1-8 at halftime. 

    Jordan Smull added 5 points to the St. Francis total in the third period, and Christian Silva added a trey The scoreboard showed St. Francis 9 - Greeley County 12 at the end of the third period. Greeley County out-scored the Indians 1-10 in the final period to win 10-22.

    Scoring for the Indians in the game were Jordan Smull 5, Christian Silva 3, and Connor Wachsman 2. The Indians were whistled for 15 fouls. Seven different players contributed to the Greeley County scoring total. The Rabbits were led by Kasen Felty with 6 points. Brodey Grubb (6th) and Jesus Chavez (6th) each added 4. The Rabbits committed 17 fouls.

    In A-team action, the Indians jumped out to an early 6-0 lead getting a driving score from Ben Busse to open the scoring and then adding a post basket by Chris Espino and a steal-two by Colton Raile. At 3:31, Greeley County called time-out to discuss strategy and returned to the floor to quickly score on a baseline drive by Lincoln Shafer. After an answer by Raile on a stick-back, Shafer drained a jumper from the left wing. Busse followed with a steal-two. The first quarter closed after a Raile free-throw and another baseline drive by Shafer. St. Francis led 11-6 after one quarter of play.

    Several different players entered the contest in the second period for Greeley County. Their presence was immediately felt. The Jackrabbits opened the period with a 12-point run to take the lead. Jaxon Brandl (8th) scored from the post to start the run. Titus Sherer (8th) followed with a steal-two. With 4:05 left in the second period, Brandl scored again on a nice post move giving the Jackrabbits the lead 12-11. The Indians would not lead again. On the next two possessions, Brandl added baskets on an up-and-under move from the block and a lay-up finishing a fast break. St. Francis called time-out at 2:56 to regroup trailing 11-16. Two more baskets were scored in the final minutes of the first half. Brandl added a steal-two, and Chris Espino scored on a left elbow jumper for the Indians. The Indians had been out-scored by the Rabbits 2-12 in the period. St. Francis trailed 13-18 at the break.

    Titus Sherer opened the third period with a steal-two stretching the margin to 7 points. Ben Busse swished a trey from the left wing trimming the gap to four (16-20). Greeley County responded with an out-of-bounds play basket by Brandl and an offensive rebound bucket by Sherer. At 2:36, the Jackrabbits took a time-out and upon returning to the floor added a driving basket by Brandl. The Indians needed to score.....and they did. Chris Espino added one-of-two from the line, and Preston Witzel scored on a baseline jumper (assist Busse). The scoreboard displayed 21-26. The Rabbits then added a stick-back basket and a fast-break basket; both by Brandl. St. Francis trailed the Jackrabbits 21-30 after three periods of action.

    Ben Busse opened the final quarter with two free throws. Colton Raile added a driving basket soon after trimming the margin to five (25-30). The action triggered a GC time-out at 4:08. Raile scored after an assist by Prestion Witzel narrowing the deficit to three (27-30). It would be a close as the Indians would get. A driving score in the lane by Sherer was followed by a post basket by Brandl giving the Jackrabbits a bit more cushion. Busse's baseline scoop again narrowed the margin to five, but Jariath Vanez (8th) scored a jumper in the lane to answer. Busse's top-of-the-key trey moved the scoreboard to 32-36 and was followed immediately with an Indian time-out. Though the Indians defended well and had several shot attempts to close the gap, the neither team scored again. St. Francis lost to a good Greeley County team 32-36.

    GC's Jaxon Brandl led all scorers with 20 points. Titus Sherer added 8 for the Jackrabbits. The Rabbits did not attempt a free-throw and were called for 9 fouls.

    St. Francis was led in scoring by Ben Busse with 16 points. Colton Raile added 9, Chris Espino 5, and Preston Witzel 2. The Indians made 4 of 8 from the line and were whistled for 3 fouls.

    In C-team action, St. Francis won 7-2 in a 2-quarter running clock game.

    The Indians will play in the Northwest Kansas League Junior High Basketball Tournament in Oberlin on Thursday, December 13, and Saturday, December 15.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • Drama Production December 9 & 10

    Senioritissupposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.
    Supposed? Hardly! Any senior, parent of a senior, or teacher of a senior knows that senioritis is a real and troubling affliction. 
    Senioritis is also the subject and title of this year's Drama production. Join us as the cast presents some problems faced by students in their last year of high school. The script by Bradley Walton addresses the issue with a little poignancy and a lot of humor. 
    Performances are Sunday, December 9, at 3:00 and Monday, December 10, at 7:00 in the St. Francis High School Auditorium. Admission is $5. Come support the Arts at SFCHS! 
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  • Latest Scholars’ Bowl News

    What do the following have in common: fine wine, cheese, and the SFCHS Scholars’ Bowl team? They all improve over time. On Monday December 3, the team (Captains Audrey Meyer and Seth Mills along with EmmaLee Archuleta, Brady Schoenrogge, and Doyle Easter) met thirteen other teams in pool play at the Colby Invitational Meet. It was an exciting night, as we had our best night yet this season. Although we started off slowly with a loss against Norton, 40-10, we won the next round against Colby A 55-10. We lost the third round against Oberlin in a heartbreaking four question 40-30 tie-breaker. Wins in rounds 4, 5, and 6 against Wheatland, Thomas Moore Prep, and Quinter (40-20, 40-10, and 40-0 respectively) gave us our best record to date: 4 wins, 2 losses, which placed us second in our pool. We then went on to the quarter finals against a very tough team from Hays. However, we held our own and scored 30 points against their 70.  The next round was, ironically, against the same Norton team that beat us in the first round. We answered nearly question for question until the score was 40-30, Norton, going into the last question. They answered it correctly to win third place in a 50-30 round. It was the best meet yet, and we are pleased with our performance. Our next meet is on January 7 in Quinter.

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  • Feature image-7

    Boys Overpower Coyotes

    The St. Francis Indians overpowered the Weskan Coyotes 52-25 in the the opening round of the Sagebrush Shootout Basketball Tournament in Brewster on Monday, December 3rd. The Indians jumped out to an early lead and gradually widened the margin throughout the contest. The Indians received good scoring balance with five players scoring 6 or more points in the contest. The win advanced the Indians to the championship semi-final contest against Wichita County on Friday, December 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the South Gym at Brewster High School. Wichita County defeated Triplains-Brewster 54-49 in their opening round match-up.

    The first half of the contest was marred with numerous turnovers; St. Francis had 10 while Weskan totaled 9. In the second half, both teams reduced their turnovers in half with each team committing five errors. St. Francis' superior size and good interior passing were major factors in the win. St. Francis opened the game with a 7-0 run earning an offensive rebound basket (plus one) by Brady Dinkel, a steal-two by Dinkel, and a stick-back basket by Jesse Baxter. Weskan's first basket came on a left-corner trey by Tracer Vincent (5' 6" Sr.). Colton Neitzel soon answered with an offensive rebound bucket. Brady Dinkel's steal-two score led to a Weskan time-out at 2:12. The Indians led 11-3. Following the time-out, the Indians added three more baskets; a post basket by Colton Neitzel (assist Connor Keller), a stick-back basket by Baxter, and a top-of-the key trey by Keller (assist Dinkel). The flurry increased the margin to 18-3. Weskan added an additional basket in the closing moments on an out-of-bounds play score by Caleb Schemm (5' 11" Sr.). St. Francis led 18-5 at the first quarter break.

    The second period was much different as the teams battled evenly during the quarter. St. Francis scored the first basket of the period on an assist by Richard Johnson leading to a left-wing jumper by K.C. Krien. Weskan's Jace Mackley (5' 11" Jr.) soon answered with a fast-break basket. Neither team scored again until the 3:40 mark of the period, when an assist by Brady Dinkel led to a right-wing trey by Connor Keller. Zach Schemm (5' 11" So.) followed with a left-wing basket for the Coyotes. Jesse Baxter's offensive rebound basket was offset by two free-throws by Mackley. Each team would score once more before halftime. Draven Houtman scored a post basket after an assist by Dinkel. Weskan's Dalton Mackley (5' 8" Fr.) drained a right-wing trey late in the period. St. Francis led by the same margin, 27-14.

    St. Francis out-scored the Coyotes 17-6 in the third period. Brady Dinkel opened the second half with a left-wing trey. Caleb Schemm then scored for Weskan on a stick-back basket; the basket was the 4th offensive rebound of the possession for the Coyotes. Connor Keller's assist led to a post basket by Richard Johnson (plus one). After Dinkel earned a coast-to-coast driving score, Weskan took a time-out to regroup at 5:22 trailing 35-16. Dinkel's stick-back basket after the return to action gave the Indians a 21-point advantage. Zach Schemm's free-throw area jumper preceded an offensive rebound score by Colton Neitzel. A trey by Dinkel increased the margin to 42-18, but was followed by a Z. Schemm left-wing score. A sweet high-low post pass from Jesse Baxter to Neitzel accounted for the final third period score. St. Francis led 44-20 after three periods of play.

    The Indians opened the final period with an eight-point run. Richard Johnson scored on an aggressive move to the goal early in the period and followed it with another strong move resulting in a free-throw. Weskan called time-out at 6:01 to discuss defensive strategy. St. Francis then added a basket by Colton Neitzel on another sharp high-low pass from Jesse Baxter. After a Baxter free-throw that started the running clock, a steal and assist by Connor Keller led to a lay-up by K.C. Krien. The Indians now led 52-20. With everyone suited for the Indians receiving court time, the Coyotes earned two final baskets in the contest; a right wing trey by Dalton Mackley and a turnover-two by Jace Mackley. St. Francis defeated the Weskan Coyotes 52-25.

    St. Francis was led in scoring by Brady Dinkel with 17 points. Jesse Baxter chipped in 9, and Colton Neitzel added 8. Others scoring for St. Francis included Richard Johnson and Conner Keller each with 6, K.C. Krien 4, and Draven Houtman 2. The Indians committed 13 fouls and made 7 of 10 from the line.

    Weskan was led in scoring by Dalton and Jace Mackley; each with 6 points. The Coyotes committed 12 fouls and made 2 of 9 from the stripe.

    In other opening round contests, Logan defeated Cheylin 63-44, and Wallace County defeated Golden Plains 68-28.

    Draven Houtman made 20 of 25 free-throws in opening round competition in the boys free-throw contest.

    Click the photos to see more photos!

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  • "Indians For the Cupboard"

    At the last NWKL meeting, the Administrators and Athletic Directors in attendance were challenged to have a competition among the schools in the league to benefit their local food pantry. Beginning December 3, the St. Francis schools will begin collecting items to donate to the food pantry. On Friday evening, December 14, we will be playing Dundy County in basketball. Those who bring two canned food donations will receive $1 off their admission price to the game. You can also make a financial contribution there, as well. The competition will end on Monday, December 17. On Tuesday, December 18, SFCHS students will take the items to the food pantry.

    The competition will be scored as follows - 5 points:  canned meats, regular sized cereal boxes, Velveeta cheese blocks, jams, jellies, peanut butter, canned meals (ravioli/chili), toilet paper. 3 points:  canned vegetables and canned fruits, canned soups, hamburger/chicken/tuna helper, pasta, hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, q-tips, shampoo, etc), dried fruit, parmesan cheese. 1 point: ramen noodles, fruit cups, jello cups, pudding cups.

    Drop-off locations will be in both schools, at all 3 banks, and at the grocery store. If you would like to give a financial donation to the project, please send the checks to the school (PO Box 1110) made out to the Food Pantry and we will add the totals up and include them in our competition totals and then make sure the Food Pantry receives the donation. If you would like to make a donation but would prefer a few students to come to your door to pick up the items, please contact Susan Dinkel at 785-772-7058 or e-mail her at sdinkel@usd297.org.

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