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  • High School Basketball League Tournament will be played at Dighton



    The high school basketball teams will play in the semifinals of the League Tournament at Dighton on Friday.  The Indian boys will play at 3:00 p.m. on Friday against Dighton in the larger gym at Dighton High School; that game will be followed by the Lady Indians against Quinter at about 4:30 p.m., also in the larger gym.

    NWKL High School Boys Basketball Tournament.pdf


    NWKL High School Girls Basketball Tournament.pdf

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  • High School Wrestling Team Earns 9th


    The HS Wrestling team scored 53 points to place 9th in the strong Scott City Classic Saturday January 18th.  Three Indian wrestlers won matches and placed during the tournament: at 132, Garin Cooper won the 2nd Place medal; at 152, Jayce Nider placed 6th; and at 195, Shadryon won the 1st Place medal.

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  • Saint Francis hosts NWKL Scholar’s Bowl meet

    Saint Francis hosts NWKL Scholar’s Bowl meet


    By Hadleigh Hilt


    The SFCHS ‘19-’20 scholar’s bowl fought hard on Monday, January 13th at the NWKL league meet, here in St.Francis. This was St. Francis’ first time hosting a scholar’s bowl meet. There were seven teams, including ours, that participated. The other teams that competed were Atwood, Tribune, Dighton, Quinter, Sharon Springs, and Oberlin. 

    St. Francis started off strong winning their first round against Dighton, 30-20. Next up, they played Atwood and had their first loss of the night, 20-40. The third round was a close game, but they fell short against Quinter, 20-30. Round four was a tough round against Oberlin and they lost 20-70. The fourth round was another close call, but they couldn’t quite pull through against Sharon Springs, with a heartbreaking loss of 10-15. Round six was a bye for St. Francis. The scholars finished the night out strong with a good win against Tribune, 40-10.

    Emma Hackler, senior, reflected on their night saying, “I always have fun with my team, but we definitely could’ve done better. There is always room for improvement.”

    The team consisted of Audrey Meyer, senior captain, Seth Mills, senior captain, Isaiah Lee, senior captain, Emma Hackler, senior, Doyle Easter, junior, and Jasper Hunt, junior. Many other scholar’s bowl members helped out with the meet. 

    Lee said “It was fun to host a scholar’s bowl for a change and it was quite amusing watching Mr. [Steve] Jenkins be a moderator.”

    Meyer said hosting the meet was a success.

    “I was very surprised how smooth the tournament went.” said Meyer “Ms. Allen worked hard to make sure everyone who was a part of the situation knew what they were doing. Overall, it was a success.”


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