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Indians Defeat Red Devils 54-8

The Indians defeated the Decatur Community Red Devils by a score of 54-8 on a windy evening in Oberlin on September 22. The Indians were up big early, leading 28-0 late in the first period and cruised to another lop-sided victory. The Red Devils fought hard throughout the contest and earned the first touchdown of the season against the Indian defense. The Red Devils were also the first team to extend a St.Francis game into the second half this season.

St. Francis received the opening kickoff and quickly marched 41 yards to score. The Red Devils' deep kick-off rolled out-of-bounds. After a penalty was assessed, a short re-kick was returned by Dalton Straub to the Red Devil 39 yard line. Jordan Raby picked up 7 yards over the left side on 1st down. A quick-pitch to Raby going left moved the ball to the Decatur Community (DC) 23 on the next play. A pass from Brady Dinkel to Tate Busse was good for a measured 1st down at the 13. The next Raby run, a pitch to the left side, resulted in a touchdown. The conversion pass attempt fell incomplete. The Indians led 6-0 with 10:41 showing on the first quarter clock.

Tayton Weeter's kick-off was returned by Isaiah Mason (155 lb. Jr.) to the DC 26. The Red Devils lost three yards on a run to the right side on first down, and then backed up four more on 2nd down due to a sack by Trayton Doyle. On 3rd-&-17, Doyle, Weeter, and Luin Norris gang-tackled the DC quarterback, Kole Breth (145 lb. Sr.), for another loss. Facing 4th-&-26 at the 10 yard line, the Red Devils punted. Breth's punt sailed out-of-bounds at the St. Francis (SF) 38 yard line.

On the first play of the series, Jordan Raby scored on a quick-pitch to the left sprinting 42 yards for the touchdown. Dinkel's pass attempt for the conversion points landed directly in the hands of Mason. St. Francis led 12-0 with 8:37 left in the first period.

Dawson Kempt (155 lb. So.) returned the kick-off to the DC 27. Kel Grafel (150 lb. Sr.) gained one yard on first down on a run to the right side. Facing 4-&-11 after two more Grafel runs, the Red Devils punted out-of-bounds at the SF 27. The Indians were guilty of running into the kicker on the play.

St. Francis set up offense at their own 22 yard line. Jordan Raby gained 6 yards over the left side and then earned a new set of downs running the right side on the next play. With the ball at the DC 39, the Indians were penalized 5 yards for procedure. On the following play, Brady Dinkel's screen pass to Raby resulted in a 44-yard touchdown with 6:12 left in the first period. The conversion pass from Dinkel to Dalton Straub added the conversion points. St. Francis led 20-0.

Tayton Weeter's kick-off bounced into the end zone for no return. A accurate pass from Breth to Braden Beagley (180 lb. Sr.) was dropped on the first play of the series. A 2nd-down pass to Mason was also dropped after being on-target. On 3rd-&-10, the Red Devils tried the right side, a run by Mason, and were stopped by Luin Norris after a gain of 4. Breth punted the ball away on the succeeding snap. The ball was downed at the St. Francis 34.

A pass from Brady Dinkel to Tate Busse advanced the football to the DC 36, enough for a first down. On the next play, a pass from Dinkel was caught by Busse. Busse was forced out at the 2 yard line. Unfortunately, a holding penalty on the Indians backed them up. After a quick-pitch to Raby around the right side, Dinkel's pass intended for Busse was intercepted by Breth at the goal line and returned to the DC 18. 

The Red Devils gained three yards on two running plays up the middle. On third down, Breth scrambled due to pressure and was tackled by Jordan Raby short of a first down. Facing 4th-&-1, the Red Devils used a long count in an attempt to pull the Indians off-side. After a time-out with 1:43 remaining in the 1st period, DC punted out-of-bounds at the SF 37. 

On the first play of the series, Brady Dinkel tossed a touchdown pass to Tate Busse in the right corner of the end zone. The play covered 43 yards. Dinkel's pass to Busse in the left flat for the conversion was also good. The margin grew to 28-0 with 1:30 left in the first quarter. 

Kempt returned Weeter's kick-off 24 yards to the DC 27. On first down, A pass to Beagley on the right sideline advanced the football to the 3 yard line on a big play for the Red Devils. On the next play, Breth's pass to Drew Juenemann (140 lb. Jr.) in the left corner of the end zone was good for a DC touchdown. Mason ran for the conversion points over the left side. The Red Devils had narrowed the deficit to 28-8 with 1:08 left on the first quarter clock. 

Wyatt Hacker returned the DC kick-off to the DC 39. Brady Dinkel ran a keeper to the left side rambling all the way to the DC 15. Dinkel's pass to Adam Krien in the right flat scored the next Indian touchdown. Wyatt Hacker ran for the conversion points giving the Indians a 36-8 lead with 31.3 left in the first period.

Mason returned the SF kick-off to the 23 yard line where he was stopped by Nick Paulsen and Shadryon Blanka. On first down, the Red Devils tried a reverse play and lost three yards. The play ended the first period. A pass to Beagley in the right flat gained four yards on the following play. Runs by Breth and Mason led to an earned first down for the Red Devils at the DC 35. After three consecutive plays that lost yardage, facing 4th-&-21, the Red Devils punted. The punt rolled dead at the SF 12.

A quick toss to Tate Busse advanced the football to the SF 27. A slant pass to Jordan Raby was good for a 53 yard touchdown on the second play of the possession, but a holding penalty erased the TD and moved the Indians back to their own 20. The next snap was low and mishandled. Brady Dinkel was tackled for a loss after regaining possession. Jordan Raby then ran over the right end to the DC 35. Another holding penalty nullified the play. Facing 2nd and 30+, Dinkel ran an option to the right with Hackler, but gained only 2 yards. On third down, Raby sprinted 65 yards up the middle for his 4th touchdown of the game. A low snap on the conversion try caused Dinkel to be tackled short of the goal line. With 7:44 left in the second period, St. Francis led 42-8. 

Kempt returned the kick-off to the DC 26 yard line where he was tackled by Tayton Weeter. On the first play of the series, Breth's pass over the middle was intercepted by Dalton Straub and returned to the DC 12. 

After three running plays and another holding penalty, the Indians faced 3rd-&-20. Brady Dinkel's pass intended for Tate Busse fell incomplete in the left corner of the end zone. On 4th down, Dinkel's pass was intercepted by Breth at the goal line and returned for a short gain.

Breth gained two over the right side before mishandling the snap and losing three on the next play. After an incomplete pass, the Red Devils punted.

Tate Busse returned the punt up the left side to the DC 38. A pass to Raby was complete on first down, but netted zero yardage. Consecutive Raby runs earned 7 yards. On 4th-&-3, Raby's strong run earned another first down at the DC 20. Wyatt Hackler's carry earned three more, and Dinkel's run gained two. On 3rd-&-5, a swing pass to Raby gained good yardage, and Raby stretched the football forward toward the goal line while being tackled to score his 5th TD of the game. Raby ran up the middle for the conversion points but was stopped short. The scoreboard clicked to 48-8 with 1:56 left in the first half.

Kempt returned the SF kick-off to the DC 23 before being stopped by Tayton Weeter and Kobe Tice. On first down, Breth earned 6 yards up the middle. The Indians allowed no yards on 2nd down. and with 1:01 on the clock, St. Francis called time-out. On the next play, the Red Devils fumbled the snap and lost a yard. St. Francis again called time-out (56.6). On 4th-&-5, DC showed an unusual offensive set, but called time-out before the ball was snapped. After the time-out, the Red Devils punted the ball away.

The ball was downed at the SF 25. With 50 seconds left in the half, Brady Dinkel passed to Tate Busse. Busse was run out-of-bounds after a gain of 8. Dinkel attempted a deep pass to Dalton Straub on the next play, but the ball was just beyond Straub's reach. Dinkel scrambled left on third down and advanced the football to the DC 36. On the next play, a pass attempt intended for Busse fell incomplete. On 2nd down, another pass to Busse was well-defended by Breth and was also incomplete. With 9.6 seconds left, St. Francis called their final time-out. Dinkel's pass to Busse was intercepted by Breth and returned to the DC 26 where the half expired.

Tayton Weeter's second half kick-off went into the end zone. Breth gained 11 yards over the left side on first down. Three plays later, facing 4th-&-9, the Red Devils set up to punt. An encroachment penalty on the Red Devils moved the ball back five yards before the punt was kicked. The punt rolled dead at the SF 29.

Dinkel ran up the middle to the DC 36 on the first play of the possession. Raby then gained two over the left side. Dinkel ran up the middle for a good gain on the next snap, but another holding penalty erased the gain. Raby lost a yard on the next run, and on third down, Dinkel's pass was short of the intended target. On 4th down, Dalton Straub punted for the Indians. The punt was nearly blocked and went out-of-bounds at the DC 27.

The Red Devils' first down pass attempt was deflected by Tayton Weeter as he applied pressure on the Red Devils quarterback. A quarterback keeper on second down lost a yard. A pass into the right flat was accompanied by a SF facemask penalty resulting in a 1st-&-10 at the SF 31. A swing pass to Mason gained four yards before he was run out-of-bounds by Raby. On the next play, Tate Busse intercepted Breth's pass attempt and returned it 57 yards for a touchdown. Busse scored after making a nice move on Breth, DC's final defender, near the left sideline. The score ended the contest due to the 45-point rule. St. Francis defeated Decatur Community 54-8.

The Indians will play Hoxie, in St. Francis, on Friday, September 29.

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