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St. Francis Students Place in Elks Essay Contest

Four St. Francis students were recently recognized for the writing in the Elks Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the Goodland Elks Lodge #1528. Traci Price, English instructor, had the students write essays for the contest as a class assignment. The essays were judged in two divisions. Division I was 5th and 6th grade students. Division II was for 7th and 8th grade students. Division I had 156 entries and Division II had 74. St. Francis students receiving recognition for well-written essays were Colton Raile, Jordan Smull, Molly Gilliland, and Dani Broughman.

The essays have been forwarded for judging at the District Level. The students will receive certificates and monetary awards later in the school year when all judging (district, state, and national) has been completed.

The winners of the essay contest are listed below.

Division Place Student/School
Division I 1st Colton Raile, St. Francis

(tie) Brady Brumbaugh, Goodland

Jordan Smull, St. Francis

3rd Cole Linton, Goodland
Division II 1st Jillian Niblock, Heartland Christian - Colby
2nd Molly Gilliland, St. Francis
3rd Dani Broughman, St. Francis

The essays written by the students are reproduced below for your reading enjoyment.

Why Our Veterans Are America's Heroes

by Jordan Smull

"The real hero is the man who fights even when he is scared,” a quote by General George S. Patton, a famous general in World War II. Even though the soldiers were terrified for their lives, they would fight with courage until the very end. That courage makes all of our veterans American heroes. Those soldiers were willing to sacrifice all they had. They were also selfless because they went to war to defend America and keep us free.

American veterans were all heroes for their sacrifice of putting their lives in danger when duty called. Death was always in the back of their minds. Another sacrifice was the time they spent away from their families back home. They also missed everyday conveniences like bathrooms and fresh running water. Because of their sacrifices, the soldiers showed they were selfless.T

These American Heroes were selfless because they put their country’s freedom before themselves. They were willing to die for that freedom. They were also selfless when it came to saving the lives of fellow soldiers in the war. When they were in the middle of fighting and the bullets were flying around them, they never gave up. American heroes knew what needed to be done.

Veterans are American heroes because they were selfless and willing to sacrifice their lives so we can be free. As General Patton said, “The real hero is the man who fights even when he is scared.¨


Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

by Dani Broughman

"Then there are the sheep—good people, everyday people who go about their lives, able to do so in safety only because they are protected from the wolves. For the most part, they are not aware of the wolves, or that they are being protected from them.” This quote is by Brandon Webb, an American soldier. It shows that people are not aware of the bravery and sacrifice that occurs everyday by American soldiers. Veterans should be treated with respect, because they gave up their everyday lives to let others live in freedom. Bravery is part of sacrificing because veterans were brave and strong enough to fight. Not a single veteran should be disrespected, they are America’s biggest heroes.

Veterans are heroes because they were willing to serve others. They could have stayed at home where they were safe, but, they left so their family would be safe. Veterans put others before themselves. Veterans had to sacrifice a lot because they knew there was a possibility that they would not make it home, which took bravery.

Veterans had to be brave. They were brave enough to be prepared for war and ready to fight. They had to be strong and brave to leave their family and normal lives to protect others, sometimes in unknown places.

Every person who has served in the military should be appreciated. They should be loved by every American because they sacrificed to make everyone’s lives safer. If anyone passes someone who has served then they should thank them for their bravery and how they sacrificed for our freedom.


Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

by Molly Gilliland

"In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country, can change it,” is a quote from Barack Obama, former U.S. President. The veterans that fought for our country loved and gave everything to save it. No matter what the job, no matter the rank, all veterans should be respected and honored.

Our veterans are selfless, and did whatever it takes to keep us unharmed. They have sacrificed everything for us, and kept fighting. They sacrificed their lives, their families, the things they love, and their everyday lives to keep our country safe.

Veterans gave everything that they have to keep everyone they love safe, even if they do not know, personally, who they were saving. The men and women that fought for America do not just have to be out in a tank or in a plane to save our country. Our heroes cooked, fixed planes and tanks, and some were safe behind a computer screen. They stopped people who hacked into the database to try to steal information. They also searched for missing people, and our behind-the-screen veterans can save lives. They tracked people that were kid-napped, and saved them from being killed. Not all of our heroes fight on the battlefield.

Our veterans who fought for our country were courageous, and risked everything that they had to save everyone. No matter what the job, from general to cook, from mechanic to field agent, not one of our veterans have let this country die. All veterans showed strength and courage, and we thank them for being America’s heroes.


Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

by Colton Raile

"And I will always do my duty, no matter what the price,” a line from an  “American Soldier” by Toby Keith, a country music singer that honors American soldiers/veterans with his music. Toby Keith sets a good example for us all to follow.  American Veterans do not and have not gotten enough respect for the difficult and dangerous jobs they have done to keep our country safe. Their sacrifices, all of them made for a good cause, should make the rest of us proud.

Veterans are American heroes because they are brave. They are brave because they fight for everyone who lives in America and they put themselves second and others first. Veterans risk their lives for people they don’t even know. Selfless because, they are not certain if they will come back to American soil. They are heroes because they fight for our freedom and as for nothing in return.

When we honor our veterans it is important to remember all who have served in the military, not just the soldiers. There are lots of other people behind the scenes that deserve credit too such as mechanics and medics. All American heroes should be respected regardless of the role they played.

People of America should respect veterans for their sacrifice and bravery. Veterans have earned to be respected by all citizens of the USA.  American heroes have made and continue to make a huge sacrifice for their country and Americans should be grateful. Next time you see a Veteran, say, “THANK YOU”!

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