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"Home of the Indians"

  • Media Release as of 6/30/2020: From Dr. Heather Licke, Cheyenne County Local Health Officer

    In anticipation of the governor's order regarding masks, Cheyenne County is looking at its options to opt out of said anticipated executive order and will leave it up to personal choice on wearing masks. All decisions will continue to be made with the consultation from the emergency response team, the county commissioners, and the local health

    "The coronavirus appears to have a very low mortality rate, and as 95% of cases are mild to asymptomatic, there are minimal reasons to fear contracting the virus. We have had very limited cases in this and surrounding communities. If you are sick with fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please seek medical attention and refrain from public activities. However, if you are well, from a local health perspective, there is no proven medical reason to wear a nonmedical mask in public outside or inside. If you want to wear a mask that is always your choice. I would encourage everyone to enjoy and participate in the 4 th of July activities." Dr. Heather Licke, Cheyenne County Local Health Officer.

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  • Minutes of the Special Board Meeting – JUNE 29, 2020



    The special Board meeting was called to order on the above date at 7:00 a.m. by Board President Cale Rieger in the high school cafeteria with all Board members present except Danielle McAtee.  Also present was Principal Darla Raile.

    Chris Hingst moved to approve the agenda that had been emailed to Board members on June 25th; the motion was seconded by Troy Hilt and carried.

    The Board reviewed the minutes of the regular meeting on June 11, 2020, and the list of bills being paid on direct deposit slips numbering 0619001-0819033 and checks numbering 11587-11627 on BANKWEST and checks numbering 14483-14493 on FNB Bank for a total of $584,372.16.  Shawna Blanka made a motion to approve the minutes and bills listed; the motion was seconded by Dustin Andrist and carried.

    Superintendent Penka reported on the unencumbered cash balances as of June 29, 2020, in the various funds and discussed the proposed transfers of funds.  He also indicated that, just as last year, Kansas schools will not receive the final payment of state aid for the month of June until sometime in early July, but the law requires that this July payment be recorded as a June 30th receipt; so this final state aid payment, a total of $107,690.00 plus a supplemental general state aid payment of $5,665.00 for St. Francis USD 297, already shows in the reports being reviewed at this meeting.  Following further review of the year’s financial situation and the effects on various funds, Superintendent Penka recommended that $380,980.00 be transferred from the General Fund to various funds as follows:  $100,000.00 to Special Education; $45,000.00 to Career & Postsecondary Education; $63,827.00 to Food Service; $111,805.00 to Capital Outlay; $43,000.00 to Contingency Reserve; $8,000.00 to Drivers Education; and $9,348.00 to At-Risk (K-12).  Superintendent Penka also recommended $130,353.00 be transferred from the Supplemental General Fund (L.O.B.) to various funds as follows: $20,000.00 to Career & Postsecondary Education; $19,063.00 to At-Risk; $60,000.00 to Special Education; $25,426.00 to Professional Development; and $5,864.00 to Bilingual Education.  Following review, Troy Hilt moved to approve all of the transfers as listed above and to grant authority to the administration and school auditors to make necessary adjustments to these transfer-amounts, with such adjustments being contained as part of the official minutes of this June 29, 2020, meeting and of the Audit Report.  The motion was seconded by Chris Hingst and carried.

    The next School Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 9, 2020, at 7:00 a.m.

    At 7:25 a.m., Chris Hingst moved that the meeting adjourn; the motion was seconded by Troy Hilt and carried.


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  • Grade School Supply List for 2020-2021

    Please click on the link to see the Grade School Supply List for 2020-2021


    Grade School Supply List for 2020-2021

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