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    LAB 210 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th hours Mrs. Schiltz-- RESERVED FOR ONLY THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF EACH HOUR.

    HS WR at Atwood 5:00 p.m. Leave at 2:30 p.m.

    HS BB NWKL at Oberlin 6:00 p.m. Dismiss at 3:15 p.m. Leave at 3:30 p.m.

    HS WR at Atwood 9:30 a.m. Leave at 6:50 a.m.

    HS BB NWKL at Oberlin TBD

    Chicken Nuggets
    Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
    Buttered Carrots
    Whole Wheat Roll
    Mandarin Oranges

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  • St Francis Schools Youtube Channel

    St Francis Schools created a new Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5m38iY9jX1XZmPt1pc4pxA keep an eye on this channel for live streaming of school activities and uploaded videos.

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  • Junior High boys fall to Jackrabbits

    By Seth Tumbleson

    Saint Francis Indians junior high boys basketball team lost all three games to the Tribune Jackrabbits Thursday night, December 10, at home in the first game two spectators were allowed per family since KSHSAA’s ruling two weeks prior banning spectators from all athletic events for the start of the winter sports season. 

    Due to the spreading of COVID-19, KSHSAA decided November 24 to not allow spectators at junior high or high school winter sporting events from December 1, 2020 to January 28, 2021. Two weeks after the vote, KSHSAA held another vote December 8, 2020 which allowed two spectators per family, except at tournaments. 

    “Although the scores weren't in our favor, two things are certain: we have improved and have a lot of hustle and heart,” said Susan Dinkel, head junior high boys basketball coach.  

    “Tribune spends a lot of time in the gym shooting and that was obvious. We will get better, but it's going to take a lot of effort in the off-season. We don't have enough practice time to develop the needed skills, and to have a short season, that makes it even more difficult. For a few kids, last night was their first game due to quarantine, so they had more nerves than they normally would have had.” 

    A-Team Indians lost to the Jackrabbits 54-13.

    A-team member Lucas Raile, 7, said they could have improved on running their offense better. However he was proud as well. “I was proud of us starting to score,” said Raile.

    Shane Todd, eighth grade A-team player, said the team could have passed more to improve the outcome.

    A-team player Joel Gilliland, 7,  said the team could have screened and worked harder. “I’m proud of scoring a couple of baskets and making good passes,” said Gilliland 

    Dayton Fromholtz, seventh grade A-team player, said the team could’ve gotten open more and played better.

    B-team tried hard, but also fell to Tribune 47-9. C-team was defeated 34-9.

    Ethan Graham, seventh grade B-team player, said the team could’ve improved on guarding them better. “I was proud of the teamwork.” Graham stated.

    The next junior high basketball game will be the NWKL tournament starting December 17 at 1 p.m.

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  • The KSHSAA vote on parents and the covid era-realities for activities


    Beginning on Thursday, December 10, parents and guardians will be allowed to attend KSHSAA-sanctioned events, a victory for parents who had lobbied the KSHSAA and filed an official appeal to an earlier decision by the board of directors that banned spectators entirely. By a 54-24 margin, the board passed on Tuesday, December 8, the following motion: Effective Thursday, December 10 through January 28, 2021, interscholastic activities will allow for attendance of up to two parents/guardians per participant(s) family as allowed by local board of education or health department restrictions.


    Of course, that is good news for parents who felt blindsided by the earlier decision that had left them on the outside looking in with regard to their kids’ sports activities. Parents and guardians now have a chance to watch these events live and continue to follow their children to out-of-town contests. But there are some caveats to the decision that must be understood that will temper some of the enthusiasm for the December 8 decision. Below are some of the important distinctions: 


    1. This decision only allows for parents/guardians to attend. It does not pertain to extended family members or siblings. 

    2. The hosting school’s board of education or local health department has the authority to impose more stringent guidelines on who is allowed to attend. For instance, a hosting school may decide not to allow parents at all. 

    3. All Covid mitigation measures imposed by either the KSHSAA or by the county health department are still in effect. This pertains especially to mask-wearing and efforts to socially distance. 

    4. Any community/school that is reported to the KSHSAA and is determined to have intentionally disregarded these rules is subject to the loss of postseason opportunities and other sanctions. 


    Certainly, there are many grandparents, siblings, and other fans of Sainty athletics that find themselves disappointed by the decision. In our pre-covid world, watching events was something we took for granted, an activity that was looked upon as one of our “inalienable rights.” But under our current circumstances, where entities like the KSHSAA, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and other authorities have a lot to say about how we conduct activities like sporting events during a pandemic, we should feel some level of thankfulness for what we are still allowed to do. 


    For the events that will not be streamed by Openspacessports.com or some other platform, we will do our utmost to make sure the events your kids are competing in are streamed live on the internet. Likely sources for streaming will be the St. Francis Community Junior/Senior High School Facebook page, as well as the St. Francis Lady Indians Basketball page. We will communicate to you via Remind where the games will be streamed to. Thanks to the generosity of the St. Francis Booster Club and a donation in memory of Don Reichart, the athletic department and music department are well equipped to make these events available to those who are unable to attend. 


    School administrators will also be present at these events where parents are not allowed to attend. Should an injury take place or some other health concern occur, administrators will be responsible for attending to the situation and will be in close contact with the student’s parents. 


    Needless to say, nothing about our current situation regarding athletics and other KSHSAA activities is ideal. So many people have been asked (or told) to give up so much! Music and drama activities have been curtailed, dance competitions and other contests at the state level have been relegated to virtual participation only, and sporting events have been canceled all over. Every facet of our school’s normal operations has been altered, and as fickle as our plans seem to be, we should expect more surprises in the days to come. 


    On behalf of the USD administration, allow me to thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. As frustrating as things have been for our families at times, it is hard to imagine a community enduring these circumstances with more grace. 


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