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St Francis USD 297 Learner Exit Outcomes

To the maximum of his/her individual ability and limited only by his/her effort, a St. Francis USD 297 senior graduate will:

1. possess the skills to read, write, speak, and listen effectively.

2. utilize basic math skills by employing appropriate strategies and technologies.

3. utilize advancing communication technologies and information resources.

4. express knowledge and understanding of American history and of the democratic process.

5. apply logical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems, and make decisions,
independently and in groups.

6. demonstrate an understanding and proper attitude toward conserving and maintaining a
healthy, clean environment, realizing that decisions today will affect his/her future.

7. possess basic knowledge of the American free enterprise system, business finance, and accounting practices.

8. exhibit awareness and appreciation of the basic concepts of humanities and the fine arts.

9. demonstrate the attitudes and practices that develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle—
physically, mentally, and socially.

10. exhibit leadership, self-discipline, self-confidence, and coöperation in family and
social environments.

11. understand that a code of ethical conduct based on American ideals should govern his/her personal behavior.

12. plan effectively and organize time, resources, and work.

13. possess marketable skills, giving him/her the option to enter the work force.

14. demonstrate an ability to accept, understand, and manage change in order to successfully
pursue his/her future.