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Activity Calendar rSchoolToday

To access the current school calendar, use the "rSchoolToday Activities Calendar" link on the right-hand side of the Home page. 

This calendar will have a slightly different appearance, but you should be able to easily find information regarding school activities. The calendar has weekly and monthly views. More information about the activities can be viewed by clicking on the the event.

If you use Google calender you can import the rSchoolToday calender into your Google calender.

Go to the rSchoolToday activities calendar https://www.northwestkansasleague.org/public/genie/454/school/7/date/2019-08-22/view/week/

Click on VIEW SCHEDULES in the column on the right hand side of the screen. 

Select the calendar entries by clicking on the boxes for the entry then click VIEW

A new screen will pop up and in the upper right hand corner will be an icon that looks like a calendar page. Click on the icon to open another window with 3 options. 

Click on the icon for the calendar you want to add the entries too (i.e. Google Calendar, Icalendar, or Outlook calendar).

Follow any instructions given on the next screen.



If you are adding to Icalendar it would be easier to be on the device that Icalendar uses Icalendar as it’s default calendar. If not it will try adding the entries to the default calendar (i.e. google).


Android phones, you may have to go into the calendar settings and make sure “sync” is enabled to get it to show on the phone.